There are some places you go where you say, “my goodness, this is lovely, I’d like to sit and each a bowl of mutton here.” And there are some places you go where you say, “Hell’s Bells! This place is cursed and I think I soiled my leggings!”

Savrenoc falls into the latter category.

I’m all about wandering through a forest, taking in the scenery, listening to the peaceful chirp of the birds, the rustle of the trees and if lucky, the rhythmic hum of a waterfall. At first glance, Savrenoc seems to have all these, but when you venture in further, you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake and it’s time to grab the picnic basket and run like the devil.

The lovely rock formations give way to a run down cemetery loaded to the gills with those damnable Ebon Cultists. As soon as I came around the corner, they stopped their chanting and lunged at me. Those rotten devils are hiding in the corners and lurking in the shadows! I was just out for a stroll in the woods and I ended up having to break out the beating stick and laying down some justice! It ruined the day on many levels.

But there is something terribly strange about this cemetery. Aside from being old, it felt cursed and violated. I get the impression these cultists were up to no good. I suppose that’s a given considering their name, but the very ground itself felt as though it wept from their trespasses. I don’t normally linger in places such as this yet this place made me want to run like never before. Before I left, I made my presence known, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be coming back to these parts.

I kinda, sorta, feel lucky I escaped with my life. Perhaps it’s better not to tempt fate.



All right you dirty, rotten, chanting, foul smelling, hooligans, who wants some!!


You’ve ruined my lunch and now there’s going to be some payback!


You just lay there and shut the hell up. This is the last bowl and them I’m out of here!

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