In our every changing and expanding world it was once again time to set out and search the landscape for the next exciting fashion statement, the Bycocket Hat. I’m always up for a challenge and always in need of another hat with which to fend off evil. With that in mind, I grabbed by sword of smiting, my bow of stabbing, my hat of pointing and set off into the night.

My first stop on the journey was Soltown, wherein I thought I might find some solid gold dancers. Alas, I was terribly mistaken and all I could find was a blue metal Tour Guide. But he will have to do! And he had the information I was looking for. There are 5 stops on this tour – Spectral Mines, East Perennial Trail, Necropolis Barrens, North Grunvald Barrens and Paxlair. Ah, these names sound familiar, we’ve been to almost all of these before, this should be a snap! I gave the Tour Guide a couple of coins for the useful information and went about my business. I also told him that if the solid gold dancers did indeed come by to hand over my information. He looked puzzled and confused, but I think we have an understanding.

Off I set.


Adventure Awaits!!!

Spectral Mines

The Spectral Mines are located northwest of Solania, in the Spectral Peak mountains! They are pretty dangerous, and lots of tour guides get lost there.

From Soltown, where there are no solid gold dancers, head North, then cross over the small path after Solace Bridge and head West to the mines. First, you land in the Spectral Foothills which is the new entrance to the mines. Take your first left, dodge all the mean creatures intent on doing you harm, then weave at the first right then head North to reach the mine opening.

Once inside the mines proper, follow the rail as it twists and turns. There are a few creatures lurking in the shadows so be ready for them to pounce out at you. Keep snaking your way around and the Tour Guide is at the end, hiding behind a rock. When I got there, he had a few skeletons at his feet, but seemed quite at ease with the whole situation.

I’m not here to judge my blue metal friend, but you might want to put those skeletons back in the closet, it’s leaving a bad impression with those who pay a visit.

East Perennial Trail

The eastern half of the Perennial Trail runs between Soltown and Ardoris

This is located just to the West of Soltown. Once inside, head North to find the Tour Guide. You will head past the mad moonshiners shack (even though you never actually saw it if you get my meaning) and keep going until you see the large stone wall in the distance. The Tour Guide is hanging out in the muck just waiting for you to come by and have a chat.

This water stinks! What the hell have you been doing in here?

Necropolis Barrens

The Necropolis Barrens are west of Ardoris, past the Perennial Trail! They are very dangerous since the undead began fighting the living, so you should be very careful!

From Ardoris, head West and keep on going. Stay close to the shoreline and go past the Restless Woods. Once inside, head North until you get to the fork in the road. Stay on the right path – right as in the direction not just the correct one. The Tour Guide has found a shady spot under the trees and is waiting for you to come by for a visit.

Hi! You know, this would be a lot easier if I just snatched that damnable hat right off your head. Remind me again why I don’t just thrash you and make off with it?

North Grunvald Barrens

The northern Grunvald Barrens are in the desert north of the Perennial Coast. It’s near the Grunvald Shardfall which you can see some distance away!

From Soltown head North over Solace Bridge. Might be a troll under there, be careful! The Barrens are quite a way down the path, so keep going until you run reach the desert.

Once inside, head South – Southwest and keep on going. Watch out for scorpions, coyotes, and dehydration. The Tour Guide is hiding behind a large rock formation. Scale up the side and he’ll be waiting on the next stop on the tour, but alas, no cookies or tea. He’s a polite chap, but a little light on social graces.

Hmm, it’s dark, you’re out in the desert alone and you’re hiding. Why do I get the feeling Tour Guide information isn’t the only thing you’re offering out here?


Paxlair is a new settlement on the northern coast of Novia! It’s a long way, but it’s worth the trip – it’s very beautiful, and the people who live there are awfully friendly!

From the Barrens, head Northwest along the path to Paxlair. It’s a bit of a walk so don’t give up after 10 seconds of hiking. Once inside, head Southeast into the town square. He’s right in front of the bit statue, probably commissioned to scrub those great big feet!

Phew, going out and getting that hat took a lot out of me. And it took a lot of arrows. And many swings of the sword. Time to lay back and take it easy for awhile. All I need is a place to lay my head, a mug of ale and this box of fireworks. Night night Skully.

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