There seems to be no limit to the lands I’ll travel to, the sewer I’ll climb down, the ships I’ll attempt to board, the bears I will slay or the games I’ll support. We are in the opening hours of a new Kickstarter campaign for The Bard’s Tale and I’m on board. I’m sure we all remember the original Bard’s Tale from the days when we were playing Ultima. Recently, there was an iOS edition, which I also have a copy of, but let’s get down to business and make a desktop sequel shall we?

The details of the game seem quite exciting. First thing to note, this will be a single player game, so no housing, wild decorations or random battles in the street. But there will be dungeons! Dungeons of such a diabolical nature! Well, let’s hope they’re diabolical. I mean, that is the nature of a dungeon isn’t it?

Anyway, it’s also going to be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Nice to see more platforms supported.

There are plenty of rewards available and you can simply buy the game for a really low price, or get a whole slew of digital content added. You can get boxed sets, signatures, cloth maps and even copies of other games to keep you occupied until Bard’s Tale is released. And yes, there is Beta access to be had.

This sounds like a fun project to support so jump over to Kickstarter and put in a small pledge. This project is moving right along and I have no doubt it will be funded with plenty of room to spare. But don’t hold out until the end, that’s for sissies. Jump in, headlong, devil may care, fists full of cash at the ready!!

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