Nothing says fun and certain death like heading deep into one of the Shardfalls where you can risk life and limb in the search of precious resources. Who says there’s no place to have a good time in Novia anymore?

Instead of the usual adventure of heading into the cemetery of Braemar and down into the catacombs to bonk Liches on the head, Alley Oop and I decided to head out to the Verdantis Shardfall to take a peek at it’s mysteries. Now you know, I’m not one for PvP since there’s plenty of other ways I can end up face down in the gutter, but it seemed like a quiet night, so perhaps we could sneak in there unobserved and if detected, we could hide in the shadows. Worst case, we would come out swords blazing and I would give the clarion battle call of “Not in the face!”  as Alley moved in for the deadly strike.

At first, the Shardfall seemed rather tranquil and placid. It has a nice shoreline, some rocks overlooking the ocean and an abundance of trees. “So what’s so bad about this place?” I mused looking around. My question was quickly answered as we ventured mere feet inside.

“What the hell is up with that plant?”

It was a horrific, deadly thing, but it’s gentle swaying motion was almost hypnotic. When you get too close however, out comes the spray of poison and the ugly beast reveals it’s sharp, gnashing teeth. The hills are dotted with the Flesh Flayer plant and we had to engage in battle with dozens of them. They are huge, mutated plants that have the taste for human flesh. But it wasn’t only our bones it wanted to pick it’s teeth with. More than once we saw the Flesh Flayer and the Obsidian Golem locked in battle.

The Golem tried to put the Flayer in a headlock, while the Flayer doused the Golem in poison. Since we were behind the rise and out of harms way, Alley and I put money on which would win. I lost the bet as the Flayer was the victor. But he savored his triumph for only a moment as Alley and I swooped in and cleaved him asunder.

We took quite a bit of time to gather resources. I contended with some of the toughest lumber I have ever set an axe to and Alley harvested the Flayer, Cotton and multiple mineral resources. I have to say, I’m not too keen on a man-eating plant that coughs up Fat as a byproduct. I know where that came from, you’re not fooling anyone!

We also noticed the complete lack of animals in this location. No rabbits, no wolves, no bears or spiders or anything. Either they have all been devoured or they got smart and took up residence in Braemar and South Valeway.

As we surveyed the land, we came across a huge lake, that if I didn’t know any better, may in fact be the remains of a huge crater that has since filled with water. The plants were fiendish and freakish. While in some cases their color was stunning, their form was twisted, gnarled and mutated. We moved in for a closer look and it seemed like a fine place to hunt for minerals, but we got a nasty surprise. The heavy air that floats just above the water is woefully toxic. The air was so bad that we had to forgo our mining attempts even though the ore was right in front of us.

Even the plants are more unusual down at these lower parts. At any moment I expected them to rise up and attack us. The fact they didn’t made me quite unsettled.

It’s a vast wilderness full of the things that nightmares are made of. But it turns out the creatures aren’t my most deadly foe. It was instead the rocks. In order to get a more birds eye view of the terrain I worked my way up a crag of rocks. These mounds are no less twisted and dangerous than the ground itself and I soon found myself stuck in a crevice. I managed to free myself, but also managed to throw myself off the rock to the spleen crushing ground below.

Make no mistake, there was a snap and had I been out there alone, this surely would have been the end of me. But quick on the uptake, Alley healed me and we were able to continue.

The mere mention of a Shardfall makes me nervous, but after seeing it first hand and battling the strikingly unusual creatures out there, I’m even more shaken than before. It’s certainly not a place to visit alone.

Well this might not be so bad, they have giant potatoes down here.

I’m not sure if this plant is sad or just disgusting.

There’s something not quite right about this plant. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

Ah, the age old battle between Golem and Flayer. I’ve got 5 gold pieces on the Golem.

You may have beaten the Golem, but you didn’t expect a guy with a flaming sword to come bounding out of the hills did ya!!

So let me see here, Golems to the left, Flayers to the right.

Alley scales the mighty potato slug plant! I swear that thing is going to rise up and try to eat us all!

Ah, a lovely pond in the middle of meteoric crater with a strange, purple mist hovering above the surface. Let’s go down and check it out!

All manner of wrong

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