I admit to know a fair few things about sitting around. I have taken leisure in some of the finest chairs that New Britannia has to offer, but through a series of ankh placing experiments, Alley Oop has perhaps created one of the greatest thrones the realm has yet to see.

It all started with an ankh. Not a small trinket with which to wear about the next, but a large statue that makes a bold statement when placed on the lawn. To this was stacked another and soon this tower would invoke the ire of many an immersion breaking apprentice. But once stacked what else could be done? Could they placed upon the roof? Could they make a beacon for all to see?

Soon it was discovered they could be placed in such a way as to hold chairs and afford a grand view of the landscape. To scale the statue was no simple feat. Accommodations had to be made to create the proper footholds. But once done, it was a simple matter to take a leap of faith and take a seat in grand style.

And once open this grand seat it was clear that getting down was going to be quite a bit tougher than getting up.

Perhaps you can spare a rope?




Oh good grief, with all that grog going to my head, it appears I woke in the middle of the night and made shoes out of my bedroll. I hate when this happens.


What do you mean you won’t sell me any fish until I get down from here? I’m just trying to get a good look at all your market wares!


Um, Alley, are you sure this is safe? I fear this playground is a wee bit dangerous.


Oh yes, a fine throne indeed! I can survey and keep a watch over all of Braemar from here. I see you Halmar!


Ok, fun is fun, but I can’t get down. Rope? Ladder? Anything? Hello? Alley? Blake?

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