So with this release comes something that has been hinted at and perhaps seen worn by a select few – we can now use dye to add flair and style to some of the clothes currently offered from merchants and to some of the items we can craft ourselves. I have to admit, I was quite eager to try out this new feature and rather than waste time making my own garments I blundered forward with both feet, grabbed some untreated cloth shirts and leggings and bought a slew of pigments. Rather than trifle with blending colors together in a subtle and complimentary fashion, I told everyone to stand clear while I laid down some bold color choices.

My first attempt was a cloak and when that turned out to be a resounding success, I moved on to chest armor and leggings. When I got more confident with my color choices, I even dressed up some shoes and gloves. I could tell I was on the right track when I heard comments such as “oh my!”, “well, that is something!” and “egads!” as I made my appearance outside the merchant shop. My fashion sense even brought the crowd to a standstill for a moment or two.

I have to admit, these pigments are rather expensive and we could do with a bit of a price break on them. Perhaps that will come in time and of course I’m quite keen for the day when we can make our own dyes. Oh the things I will try that on.

So far, it’s only been simple cloth items from the merchant. I’m not up to putting this on armor, simply because I haven’t actually made any armor yet. Oh, but when I do!

I think my efforts have worked out well. You will definitely see me coming, I shant be mistaken for a hostile enemy during combat and if I should become lost in the forest, my clothes shall be a beacon of light so the rescue party can easily locate me!


Oh yes indeed, these colors came out EXACTLY the way I envisioned them. These red shoes make this outfit stunning!


Wow, this yellow cloak verily captures and reflects back the sun! These green pants are striking! I almost think I should give myself some sort of heroic name.


There was someone around referring to himself as part man, part bat or something of the like?


Stand back now!! This suit is SHARP!


Oh egad, what the devil has happened here? This looks like a frumpy apron. Can I offer you some fried potatoes Alley?


I realize this look isn’t something everyone is capable of pulling off, so if you’d like to see a full color palette of choices, head over to this thread on clothes and dyeing and you can see dozens of options and color scheme.

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