While I may not be fearful to traverse into the random cave or spelunk down into the depths of a catacomb, crypt or skeleton infested sewer, I’m not sure it’s a place I would like to call home. Sure, those pesky Thugs and Ebon Cultists seem to be snug with their fires, pots of noxious brew and makeshift tent towns, but I’m not sure it’s the life for me. Are they really not familiar with the contents of that runoff? But I’m always open to new opportunities, so when Alley said she knew the way to Raven’s Head, I figured I would come along and see what life in an urban underground was like.

Right from the start, I knew if I needed to put together a mushroom soup of epic proportions, this is place I need to harvest from. Not only are the mushrooms the size of trees, I’m sure they will leave you with a most harmonious feeling since they glow and resonate with light from who knows what reagent composition. Alas, I didn’t bring a pouch big enough to take one home with me. But that may have been for the better, since visiting unannounced and then pinching mushroom caps may not be the best method to ingratiate yourself to your host. Then again, I didn’t actually see our host.

Nevertheless, it was time to look around and see what it might be like to live underground, away from prying eyes and the sun. To be honest, it was quite stunning in an eerie “I’m freaking out and tripping balls” sort of way. And I have to say, the looming tower as soon as we entered did give the place the right ambiance.

We were able to explore some tunnels, climb some rocks, run through the open mushrooms fields and even take in the massive underground lake that seems to have collected here. Once again, I left my fishing gear at home. I really need to remember to bring that sort of thing along for these unexpected journeys. I’m not sure where the water springs from, but it did look quite placid and tempting. But I now know better than to dip my toes into any old underwater fjord, especially if I haven’t checked it for sea monsters. I’m not saying there are sea monsters, I’m just keeping my options open. Sometimes they just want you to think they’re a piece of log floating on the water.

As we wandered around, I have to admit, this underground city had quite a peaceful air about it. The water trickled gently and echoed off into the distance. The mushrooms glowed with a soft hue that could lull you into tranquility. And there is something to be said for staking a claim down here in the depths, away from the bracing winds and wild rains.

I have to say, it was quite pleasing. And my sincere pumpkin patch would fit right in with the surroundings.


So, um, you’re not going to say anything if I take one of the mushrooms home with me are ya?


Well now, quite a fetching tower you have there


So, if you eat glowing mushrooms, will you glow on the inside? That would be most festive! Let’s give it a try!


Oh, you have your own underground water supply. That’s convenient. And dangerous. Have you checked it for sea monsters? Last thing you need when dipping in for a bucket of water is to come back without a head. Could ruin the rest of the day for you.

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