After assailing a gaggle of wolves, bears and spiders in the head for both amusement and lucrative stacks of gold, it was time to return to Owl’s Head for ale and fresh supplies. However, the night took a turn as Alley and I made a very interesting discovery, a parked airship.

I have seen these great flying beasts, but only from a distance. Now, here it was, within reach, alone, unguarded. The first course of action was simply to try the front door and let myself in. Curses, foiled again!

Scaling the wall proved to be ineffective. Jumping the fence proved to be ineffective. Shooting it with flaming arrows also proved to be ineffective, more because I had neither arrow, nor bow, nor flame.

But then a way presented itself. By maneuvering in just the right way, the tether rope become reachable and Alley and I were able to shimmy our way up. Huzzah! Under the cover of darkness we had boarded!

I made for the helm and seized the wheel. Curses! Foiled for the second time this night. Turns out the owner had been thinking ahead and locked the wheel in position. My first instinct was to strike at the wheel with vim and vigor, but I thought better of the plan. It might be best to keep a low profile and continue to use stealth to our advantage. The constabulary may not be the sharpest, but en masse, it could prove to be a difficult night.

Next, we tried to barge our way into the inner cabins. Foiled again! I see my reputation for airship piracy preceded me and this owner had taken steps to prevent me gaining entry. A worth adversary I see.

To get a better view of the situation and to thumb a nose at death, I ventured out onto the prow. This afforded a rather dizzying view of the city as well as a complete view of the ship itself. It seems steps had been taken to prevent this craft from being liberated by hostile forces. Try as we might, using a variety of methods, Alley and I were unable to gain access. We could set foot upon the deck, but no further access did we gain. A stalwart craft to be sure. Indeed, such a noble craft, I find myself to be desirous of one.

The night was not wasted as out in the distance, on the horizon, we spied two other airship that might afford a more lucrative inspection. We set off to see how their defenses faired against us.


Oh yes, once we get this rascal unmoored we’re heading out into the great wide open and making a break for that volcano!


This a majestic ship indeed. Now, if only I could break my way inside!


A lovely view from up here I must admit, so not a total loss. Wait a minute, I spy more airships off in the distance, perhaps we will have better luck with those.


Wait a minute! What does that plaque down there say? This is Blake’s vessel?! That insufferable wretch! Locking us out like this! The indecency and mistrust of it all! I’m burning this tub to the ground! Abandon ship Alley!!

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