A new release is at hand, and is the tradition, it’s time to head out into parts unknown to face mighty creatures and seek out the ever elusive, ever blue Tour Guide. And what is the reward for this death defying quest? It’s the Pilgrim Bonnet of course, just in time for the holidays. I must admit, it’s not quite my style or color, but that doesn’t matter. I’m going to go out there, I’m going to get it, I’m going to wear it for 5 minutes and then I’m going to stash it in the box with all the other hats I’ve gotten over the past year!

And we’re off!

This ill-tempered tour contains the following destinations: Hometown, Etceter, Nightshade Pass, Brittany Graveyard Mariah Overlook.


Hometown is an island run by the Novian Grand Tours Agency and Realty Company! (Marcus Gorn proprietor). Its star attraction, the Parade of Homes is a showplace for all the finest architecture available to settlers of our fair continent., many of whom are outlanders just like yourself! You can find Hometown (and you should!) on a small island just to the east of Soltown, off the coast.

From Soltown, head toward the coast (away from Ardoris) and you will see a small island. Jump on over to Hometown and the Tour Guide is right on the dock. This is the easiest Tour Guide to find.


Etceter is a city on the northern coast of Quel, west of the Perennial Coast. Many people journey there to gain passage to Elysium and Xenos.

From Ardoris, head West down the Perennial Trail. Take the path up to the Brightbone Pass. Run like the devil and don’t look back!

On the other side, head South to follow the path. It’s a bit of a trek, but Etceter is out there. You will actually come around and find it in a more Northwestly direction.

Once inside more toward the coastline and the town market. You’re heading the docks and the pub. To the Southwest is a ramshackle tower, the Tour Guide is tucked away next to it. It’s right in sight of all the broken boats at the harbor.

Nightshade Pass

Nightshade Pass is the pass between the Blackblade mountains and the Serpent’s Spine, roughly in the center of Novia, east of Paladis. The Obsidian fortress of Hilt can be found there.

The pass is right around the corner from Brittany. Head to the west and you will see it on the horizon. This is one wickedly dangerous area, so get ready to run.

Once inside the path, start running. Keep following the path and heading down to the valley floor. You will likely get shot repeatedly in the backside, gnawed by wolves and just for fun, there is a troll keeping the Tour Guide company.

As you’re running, look for a path heading up. The Tour Guide is at the top of this path in a North East direction. As mentioned, there is a troll. And he likes to throw rocks. And stomp his feet. And clap his hands. All of these are deadly to the unprepared outlander.

Brittany Graveyard

The Brittany Graveyard is just outside of Brittany, the largest city of Novia on the north central coast! It is not actually used by the residence of Brittany, but where the first group of outlanders from an age past are interred. You can talk to the groundskeeper to learn more about this curious place!

From Soltown, head through the Eastreach Gap

Keep following the path up passed Paxlair

Head West to Trader’s Hill

Over the bridge then North to Brittany – It’s a big castle along the coast

Once you enter the cemetery the Guide is right in front of you

Mariah Overlook

Mariah Overlook can be found near Vertas, in the Mariah Mountains! It once house a mummer’s festival, but alas, the Amphitheater remains silent…

Head through Vertas pass and you will the town of Vertas off to the side. Mariah Overlook is just beyond, up the path. Make note of what the Tour Guide said about the amphitheater, that’s where you need to go.

Follow the path to the Southwest and keep winding around. Keep heading toward the south until you come to the amphitheater. The Tour Guide is in the nose bleed section to the Southwest.


Well, I suppose I better start swimming


Hey Tour Guide. Remind me to come back and check out this place once I get this fetching bonnet.


Hail, Nightshade Pass is on the horizon


I have to say, I didn’t enjoy coming out here to meet you Tour Guide. Perhaps you should make friends with the troll and persuade him not to crush everyone who comes out here to pay you a visit.


Who is this Mariah person anyway?


You picked a heck of a night to take in some dinner theater.


Ah ha, Etceter. Thought I would never find you. I’ve taken many an arrow in a bad place to reach you.


Yes indeed, I had to enlist the expert tracking skills of Alley Oop to find you. Why you hiding Tour Guide? You could have at least taken up a stool in the tavern, they seem like a good sort. I’m sure someone around these parts could whip up a hot batch of fish and chips. The Faun seems eager to serve. 


I’m not sure this is my color

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