Here we are once again with the epic task of scouring the landscape, confronting dangers, finding clues and ultimately finding the secret location of the wiley and mysterious Tour Guide in the hopes of retrieving the Nomad Hat. It’s a key time to check out new locations and write down landmarks that will be worthy of a second investigation as time permits. And did I mention confronting dangers? Yes, dangers. Lots of them. All bearing swords. There was this one guy, who came out of nowhere, with dead set intents of stabbing me right in the … well, never mind, it wasn’t pleasant that’s for sure.

My adventures went a little something like this.


Kiln is just east of the Blackblade Mountains, and a short journey south of the fortress of Hilt!

From Solace Bridge, head toward EastReach Gap and once through, head West through Grunvald Barrens to pick up the path on a westward direction. You will need to cross over the next bridge and keep heading northwest. Kiln is out on it’s own, but you should see it on the horizon.

Once inside, follow the road past the tents and through the gates.The Tour Guide is in the center of town at the market and not too far out of eyesight from the pub and tasked with putting another log on the fire.

Hilt Fortress

Within the Blackblade Mountains, between South Paladis to the west and Midmaer to the east, is the narrow cleft of Nightshade Pass. At its center the winding pass opens up into a bowl-shaped canyon in which rests a shimmering lake fed by icy water flowing down from the glaciers hidden higher in the mountains to the north. On the south end of this valley can be seen the tall volcanic mountain of Hilt that gives this region its name. The fortress is within the mountain, you simply cannot miss it!

Head north back along the path until you come to a juncture with two bridges. One is a stone bridge and looks quite safe to pass on. The other is a rickety wooden bridge fraught with danger and uncertainty. Yes, head to the wood bridge to the west. You’ll be heading towards Trader’s Hill for those that have a map of the area. The final destination is Nightshade Pass.

If you recall, the Tour Guide was in the same location, but did us the favor of hanging out outside the fortress with his new found buddy the troll. Well, it seems they’ve had a parting of the ways and now he’s moved up a bit to the very top of that same path.

Once you get to the troll, take the path up and keep climbing, bobbing and weaving until you get to the fortress door.

Once inside, head south to the main room, up the stairs and through the little entryway. Keep heading south again and spiraling down into the depths. Keep heading left. The more death and destruction you encounter, the more you know you’re going the right way. Right as in correct, not right as in right. Go Left. Right?

Once you get to the bottom, the Tour Guide is just hanging out waiting for someone to come along to talk to.

South Varisalla Foothills

The Varisalla Foothills are in Vedantis, in the farthest western reaches of Novia!

On the other side of Nightshade Pass, head west and over the bridge. Keep going west and cross over the other bridge. You’ll be heading toward Highvale and from there make your way over to Vertas and Mariah Overlook.

Take the path to the northwest and look for the ruins. Go up the steps of the courtyard and look for the large statue. Tour Guide is washing her feet.

North Naryad Pinelands

The Naryard Pinelands are in the north of Verdantis, in the far western reaches of Novia!

Head northeast away from the foothills and keep circling around toward the city of Foundation. Just off into the distance toward the west if the Pinelands.

Inside, follow the path to the southwest and keep looking off to the side for the large hill and camp off in the distance. Head up the path toward buildings and the Tour Guide is loafing about trying to figure out how to work the crafting stations.

North Brightbone Woods

The Brightbones Woods is just west and south of Solania, and to the northwest of the Perennial Coast!

Head North toward Solace Bridge then cut back across the river heading toward Solace Forest. Follow the path around as though heading to the Spectral Mines. Go past that and the Woods are just up ahead.

Once there, follow the road to where the lake is on the right hand side heading in a southerly direction. Up ahead will be a fortress with several ill-tempered guards ready to pounce and send you away without sharing any of their roasted pig, which is quite rude if you ask me.

The Tour Guide is toward the back of the camp keeping an eye on the tents and most likely tasked with basting the pork from time to time.

With all of that done and a few knocks to the head and other sensitive places, the Nomad Hat can be retrieved and added to the collection.


Hi Tour Guide, just checking in to see how … Oh good gravy! Alley! Alley, you’re on fire! What have the townspeople done to you? What manner of skill have they mistaken for witchcraft this time?


Hey Tour Guide, pretty festive ruin you have here. I will say your welcoming committee leaves a little something to be desired as they shot me in the back for no good reason. I didn’t mean to break that guy’s neck, but he was asking for it.


Ah ha! The foothills, right at the foot of these … hills.


Hmm, lonely shack in the woods with no one around, I see no reason to think anything bad will happen to us inside.


Sorry about the flaming sword of smiting Tour Guide, I’m a little on edge from all the wolves and bandits you continually seem to keep company with.


Far be it for me to tell you how to keep house and the like, but these cobwebs and piles of bones aren’t doing much to up the appeal of coming to visit you. And if I’m honest, there is a wee bit of a smell, can’t quite place it.


Holy beacons of light! Alley, what the devil goes on in there?! Do you now have phenomenal cosmic powers?


I don’t know Tour Guide, you keep setting up these lovely picnics with delicious smelling pork and pork products, but every time I show up, it’s nothing but stabs in the back and arrows to the midsection. You’re friends are a little protective and don’t like to share and get a little aggressive when they drink. Perhaps you can a spare hat I can borrow to staunch the bleeding?


Check out the fur lined brim on this Nomadic Hat! This thing is awesome! It will protect my noggin when the cold winds come.

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