While the ale situation of Owl’s Head and Braemar is no closer to being resolved, some merchants have been able to secure some fresh produce and even import some vegetable and fruit seeds. This has brought a great deal of jubilation to citizens of the realm, and I admit to my own aspirations of agricultural excellence. To that end, I was able to procure some seeds of my own and set about the task of making a small planting bed down in the hollow.

I find myself partial to pumpkin and garlic at this particular time and figure these will be the least likely to rot on the vine and in the bed. And believe me, I don’t need anything else rotting in my bed. I’m not sure what the results will be, but I have I also tried my hand at nightshade and mandrake as they seem to be at the heart of all manner of mystical creations.

This might only be my first outing, but I was greeted with great success! I awoke to a sun drenched morn with mighty gourds in my sincere pumpkin patch! What elation! And this batch is even round! Let us not get hung up on the details of the last batch I tried to grow and simply say the local constabulary disagreed with their shape quite strenuously and I was nearly led out of town at the harmful end of some farming implements. A rather dubious and shocking tale from my past.

But that’s behind me now and this batch is quite striking. I don’t mean to brag, and I really haven’t gone around comparing, but I dare say I might have the biggest gourds of them all.

The Samhain season may be over, but there is always room at the table for some supple and well rounded gourds. Right at the moment of perfection, I will dash out, pluck them from the ground and bring them right to table for all to see. It will be quite a spectacle I’m sure.

I have also heard rumor that some of the ladies of the land are working on ripening up a few of their huge melons. I wonder if I may be able to persuade a couple of them to bring their large melons over and showcase them off within the hollow. It would be quite enjoyable to see all the large gourds and huge melons proudly displayed for all to see. And if we’re lucky, we might get to sample a few of them before the night is over. It’s going to be a grand festival!



Oh my goodness! I don’t mean to stare, but look at the size of those babies!

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