On my previous outing to the North Brightbone Woods, looking for the Tour Guide, a discovery was made that put me a little on edge. I’m not naive, I know the Thugs and Bandits aren’t living a harmonious and righteous life, but do they really need to stoop to such barbaric measures? In scouring the countryside for the Guide, we happened across an old ruin, at least I think it was a ruin as it was sort of in a ruinous state and looked sort of, well, ruined. Anyway, I understand the Thugs are a rather nomadic lot, wandering across the land, causing trouble, never putting down roots and living a freewheeling life. And I realize they don’t always have the creature comforts, but do they really think making a bed out of stone is the way to go?

It seems strange to me, but it looks to be working for them. We found this fellow, sprawled out, completely asleep, dead to the world as it were. And further, since the bed was occupied, and with nowhere else to go, a confederate had taken lodgings just off to the side. I admit, it would afford a lovely view of the outdoors and you would be lulled to sleep by the rhythmic melody of the passing stream, but can’t they do better than this? Not only is the bed a wee bit too high to be practical, it’s a bit on the lumpy side. You could fall out of your bedroll and suffer a nasty injury.

I agree the circle of spires are an excellent place to hang and air dry clothes, but the length is all wrong. No one can reach that! What were they thinking?

Now, the choice of illumination is something quite spectacular. Some may say the candle skull is a bit garish, and perhaps the time has passed for such decorations, but I find it an amusing bit of whimsy. Anyone can put down a candelabra or brazier, but it takes a certain style to pull off accessorizing with skulls.

Since the poor chap was obviously sleeping one off, Alley and I left him to his slumber. It may look rough and tumble to me, but to these chaps it mustt be quite homey. However, I think the Thugs would benefit from honing their craft and refining their style rather than all this running around shiving people in the kidney business. This sort of decor could catch on.


Oh, what do we have here? This is indeed an odd place to take a nap.


Wakey, wakey my good man! I hate to interrupt, but have you seen an automaton about the place? Kind of blueish? Funny hat? Not much of a conversationalist?

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