On a bright and sunny afternoon, amidst the whisper of the trees in the wind, I stood amongst the smoldering pile of dispatched wolves, surveyed the scene and basked in the glory of achieving the level of Grand Master in Bladed Combat.

I shan’t feel pangs of guilt over the extraordinary number of undead, bandits, thugs, mages, elves, bears, wolves, spiders, trolls, elementals and occasional stag that were required to meet their end for me to attain such heights. In all cases they were evil, ill-tempered and just plain bad and deserved everything they got. And in same cases they deserved even more. A savage yet quick smiting was too good for some of them. I may have been a touch zealous with the use of fire in one or two cases, but I will mark up that to learning from my mistakes. Panic can make you do strange things. But still, it was deserved. I’m confident of that.

I do feel a little shame over mangling those rabbits. Those poor rascals found themselves in an inconvenient place at an inconvenient time and suffered some terrible consequences. They should have known better and scurried off into their warrens when they saw me coming. When I get to flailing because death is on the line, I can’t always predict where the dangerous bits are going to strike.

However, I have achieved greatness and despite my lack of direction, a few catastrophic falls from the lip of a precipice, a few mishaps with a lava flow I would rather forget and some inopportune encounters in the sewers, I am somewhat handy with the blade and at least half the time I hit the mark.

Of course, my single mastery achievement pales in comparison to the four that Alley has achieved and knowing her zest and joie de vivre, I’m sure she’s working on one, if not two more. But that’s perfectly acceptable, I will use her skills to improve my skills and make sure the exit is secure. That’s what I’m best at.

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