After a multitude of trips into the outlying Ravenswood forests, I have accumulated a stockpile of animal hides. Normally I would unload this burden on one of the local merchants, but Alley instructed me to do otherwise. I was informed to not only hone my tanning and tailoring skills, but that a wealth of coin be obtained through my efforts.
Alley provided details on the necessary steps and ingredients and I was soon at the task of turning my hides into leather. This required a vast amount of salt, so much so, that it seems advantageous to mine it myself, but alas, I can’t seem to locate said mine. I have heard many adventurers refer to their days toiling away in the salt mines or returning to labor in the salt mines, but for the life of me, I don’t understand where they’re going.

But Alley was right, I gained invaluable skills in making leather, but this was merely the first step in the process. I then had to make the leather supple, which meant even more salt and finally a use for all that suet I seem to liberate from the bears and wolves.

I labored for hours and the local merchant made a tidy fortune of his own off me as I kept returning to his shop to buy more salt. Of course, he wouldn’t reveal where his salt comes from. He merely said he had his sources and that is was the finest salt in the realm. I have formulated a plan to invite him to the pub and ply him with ale until he offers up more details on his salt mining ventures. And if that doesn’t work, at least he won’t be in a fit state to stop me from sneaking next door and liberating his supply without the burden of payment.

As the day turned to night, then back to day, I had worked my vast supply of hides into supple leather. My fingers were nearly desiccated from having the moisture removed from all this salt work, but I did have fragrance of a refreshing sea breeze all about me. However, there was yet another step in the process. Supple leather may be fine, but if I were to put in a dash more effort I could gain more rewards from a vendor. To the Tailoring table I went and spent many hours using my pruned fingers to cut and shape the leather. I felt a terrible cramp on many occasions, but was able to use the healing and restorative powers of ale to continue my work. The more ale I consumed, the less daunting the razor sharp scissors seemed to me.

At last, with a fortunes worth of salt purchased, used (and wasted in some cases) I had an abundance of supple leather accoutrements ready to take to the vendor. The merchant congratulated me on my work and commented that my skills in leather production were vastly improving. He then reached behind the counter to retrieve a large bag heavily loaded with coins. This has he placed in my well worked hands and said to come back whenever I had more goods for sale. The coin purse was nearly too heavy for me to carry, which had more to do with the labor I had been under than the sheer volume of coins. But Alley was right, I had been paid quite handsomely and had received several times over what I had spent.

After replacing some of the leggings that have met a terrible end attributed to some of the frightening creatures I have encountered in dank and unsavory locales, I shall repair the Sword of Smiting and return to the woods to continue my endeavors of peeling bears and wolves. This sort of behavior will keep me well supplied and I can renew my efforts in harvesting reagents and of course supplying myself with ale and bowls of mutton.

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  • Yae says:

    Years later, and the merchant cabal has still managed to keep the source of salt locked up! It’s a monopoly if I ever saw one.

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