Let’s be clear. I’ve been known to dabble in the dark arts and use some Death Magic to thwart evil-doers in the realm, but I’m not going so far as to actually raise the dead, thus making them undead, to do my bidding and commit nefarious deeds. That would be wrong. I have no qualms with reaching into a thug’s chest using my Death Touch and squeezing the life force out of him. They’re thugs, that’s what they deserve for the life of ill-deeds they’ve chosen. And while you may see a skeleton engaged in battle under my control, that’s not raising the undead. He was never a live guy, therefore he can’t be dead guy, ergo he can’t be an undead guy. There are rules to this sort of thing you know.

And so, with my skills starting to improve and advance it was time to seek out a necromancer that could teach additional skills such as the rumored Death Shield and possibly, if I train enough, the power to raise a Lich who will be a colossus in the defense of the eight virtues.

Yes, it may seem a touch contradictory to use the powers of Death to protect the Virtues, but I assure you, there’s nothing wrong with that. I checked with the Oracle and no protestations were raised. Or rather, I sit quietly in the temple of the Oracle, and when I got no reply, I assumed everything was fine. The Lich will be used for the powers of good, so in the end I’m doing the right thing and the Oracle should have no reason to smite me.

Anyway, back to the death and the necromancer. The regular trainers are no longer qualified to help me so when I inquired as to what manner of powerful mage I would need to seek out, Alley naturally had the answer. He lies with the Necropolis Barrens.

Well, of course he does. If you seek an audience with a man about death related matters you need to head to a necropolis. Not to be confused with an acropolis which is similar, but doesn’t contained the aforementioned death.

So into the woods we went, and while I saw nothing but wolves that wanted to eat my head and spiders bent on filling my veins with their hateful venom, Alley strode along the winding path to the tucked away camp of Dravropos. I found his tone a dash unsettling as he bade me share his fire. Alas, there was no offering of tea or soup, but upon reflection that may have been for the best considering the large number of human bones that lined the entrance to his tent. I’m not sure if those came with the tent or if he added them himself, but I warned Alley, that if he started to pick his teeth with a foot or hand bone, I was making a run for it.

Dravropos was quite accommodating to begin my education in the higher arts of Death Magic, but to prove my commitment to the craft, he instructed me to seek out Nyrond, the Lord of Dust and take his book. This would take me to the deepest chasm of the Etceter Crag Mines.

Why do I have to go? Why can’t you come along and show me how it’s done so I can learn from all your nimble and perfectly executed moves? Going down to the depths of a chasm with evil at the bottom doesn’t sound scary at all.

I thanked him for his hospitality and for enlightening me on some new skills, which I’m sure I will put to use as I try and find my way out of this place again. I told him it might be a little while before I got on with the task of roughing up Nyrond. It’s a bit of a sojourn to get out to the mines and I might have to partake of some liquid courage before having it out with the Lord of Dust. My previous encounters have not met with great success. So, just hold that thought Dravropos and I’ll be back in no time, don’t worry about a thing. What could possibly go wrong?


Nice little place you have here Dravropos, although I question using skeletons to mark the entrance of your little hovel. Right, so, let’s get down to some Death Magic. Teach me some great new techniques to steal a man’s soul and wring the life right out of his scrawny neck. I’m all ears.

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