This tour begins in the town of Hometown, which is located just outside Soltown near the coast. If you want to go in and pay the Tour Guide a visit, head in a northwest direction toward the Moon Tower. The Tour Guide has picked a shady spot by the bridge to wait for you.

Once you locate the bowler wearing blue carbuncle, you will be directed to four different locations – Resolute, Aerie, Sanctus Spine and North Varisalla Foothills. This little tour will take you on a wide arc around Novia, so pack some supplies. In case you didn’t realize, this is the last Grand Tour quest and the final hat in the collection. It has been an interesting series of events and I’m happy to report that I have grabbed all the hats offered. My personal favorites have been the Highway Man hat, the Pilgrim Hat and the Yule Hat. I do like the Plague Doctor mask, but that’s not your average night on the town chapeau. You may cause a bit of a sensation if you show up to the ball wearing that one.

With that, let us have a look at the destinations for the Bowler Hat.

Sanctus Spine
The Sanctus Spine is where North and South Paladis meet, a little ways east of Resolute!

From Ardoris, head toward Eastreach Gap, bash a few skeletons, slap some mages, tell the Mysterious Mage to get stuffed, reach the other side, go past Desolis and make your way through Nightshade Pass. No need to stay long, just run past the thugs, perhaps lingering just long enough to slap them in their dirty mouths, take a shortcut through the pond so as to avoid the troll and make haste up the hill to the exit.

On the other side of the pass, you will be close to Highvale. Further up the road is Sanctus Spine. As good luck would have it, the Tour Guide is waiting at the gate. Unlike other tours, he hasn’t wandered off into the deepest, darkest area, surrounded by scoundrels and layabouts.

The keep of Resolute is the eastern most outpost of the Knights of Norgard. It is where the Paladis foothills meet the plains of Verdantis, in the Highvale mountains.

Resolute is northeast of Highvale and east of Sanctus Spine. The Tour Guide also made himself easy to find as you will see him as soon as you enter town.

North Varisalla Foothills
The Varisalla Foothills are in Verdantis, in the farthest reaches of Novia.

You will want to make your way toward Vertas, but there is no need to go through Vertas Pass itself. We have been this way before to see both the South Varisalla Foothills and Mariah Overlook. You will basically head south from Highvale and follow the paths until Vertas Pass is to your left.

Unlike the other Tour Guides, this one has decided to tuck himself away in a bad place. Oddly, he’s right at the opposite exit. Take the path to the right and follow it into the mines and then follow the mine rails. They will wind and turn and don’t be surprised when mages jump out at you. Beware, this is a fairly high level area and you will need protection – a good sturdy helm, or perhaps a metal bucket over your head.

Keep following the tracks. You may hit a few dead ends, but it will take you to another exit where the Tour Guide is standing vigilant over a camping ground full of tents. I was keen to ask about accommodations when my hind section was set alight by a would be bandit. I recorded my progress with the Guide, then cast the brigand asunder.

Aerie is the largest port in the Longfall Peninsula, just north of the island of Elysium in the far southwest of Novia!

From North Varisallas Foothills, head south, take the fork in the road (heading away from Vertas Pass) and keep heading south. You will pass Radio City (I hear they have some sort of music hall) and Blood River. Keep heading south as Aerie is right at the coast.

This Tour Guide has decided to make the last stop an easy one. Walk up the path and he’s next to the wagon.

And there it is, the last stop, on the last hat quest. I have to say they’ve been pretty amusing. I won’t say I will miss talking to that blue metal rapscallion as he’s put me in harms way far too often and his directions and guidance have been cryptic at best. However, should I suffer pangs of loss and separation anxiety, I have one of my own that can keep me company, although I think he’s a lamentable conversationalist. He’s also prone to getting stuck in the doorway, which is distressing.



You know Tour Guide, I first came in at the other entrance and almost got mauled by bears and wolves. You could have at least given me a little warning about that and said you were idling about at the non-life threatening entrance.


You’re a hard automaton to find some times, Tour Guide. So, are you renting out these swanky tents to the locals? Woody and I might be inclined to rent one from you if we can come to terms on pricing and the proper procedure for removing that “rustic” smell from the bedroll.


So, Tour Guide, we meet again. That’s a pretty neat fortification you’ve got going on behind you there, expecting some sort of trouble in these parts?
But now that you’ve given me the hat, I suppose this is goodbye? Is this it for us Tour Guide?
I would say I’m going to miss you, but let’s be honest, coming out to visit you has put me in harm’s way more times than I can count and your choice in companions leaves a lot to be desired. And I still think you owe me an apology over that Henin Hat.

Well Tour Guide, it’s been entertaining all these months to chase you down and listen to your crytpic ramblings. Good luck with whatever it is that you automatons do in your spare time. Don’t get turned into a paperweight, all right?


Well, now that I have the Bowler Hat and the Grand Tour is over, I do believe I shall rest upon this bench and contemplate my next move. I wonder if there will be a wagon coming by that I can hitch a ride on?

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