Good evening, my good man. I know it’s been a while since I roamed these merry streets and taunted Halmar, but you’ve got some strange goings on down here. I’m not really sure the sun should be out during the night time hours, nor should it be out during this terrible storm. Instead of harassing that poor beggar woman and interrogating me on what all the nightshade is for, perhaps Halmar should pay a visit to the local cemetery and investigate that swirling orb in front of the tomb. You know, it might be worth a look.

Until then, I’m heading back to Ravensmoor to relieve those skeletons of their shields and ectoplasmic residue. Hopefully you’ll be around so we can do a little business. If by chance you get mopped up by the undead, or worse, I’ll just nip over to Kingsport and handle by business over there.

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