After defeating Oba soundly in a full contact, no holds barred game of checkers, I wrestled the deed to his stable right out of his hands as my compensation. And since I wanted to waste no time in taunting him over my victory I set about erecting it in short order. I had a spot picked out, in the shade of the majestic Yew tree that adorns the Hollow.

In a few shakes of a reindeer tail, the stable was up and I took possession. I neglected to realize that the stable has no floor and thus I would be sleeping on the ground. No matter, it was covered in grass and would be rustic. I also neglected to enclose the reindeer and baby foal in their stalls and animals have a tendency to relieve themselves wherever and whenever the mood strikes. It’s rather shocking how much a baby foal can leave in it’s wake. Such a small animal. I believe that creature is diseased by the aroma of things. I also neglected to take into account that the stable is a single floor dwelling with no upper rooms or loft. Thus, my accommodations would be down with the beasts of burden themselves. And since the entire structure is made of wood, striking a fire to keep warm could set off the whole thing like a tinderbox. Bad luck indeed.

Fear not, I have a bedroll, have slept out amongst the stars and welcome the chance to live a simple, more deliberate life. Regrettably, it occurred to me that I lost the bedroll to Oba earlier in the night and now is demands an outrageous price as compensation. So I shall now make due with securing myself in one of the stalls confident in the notion that the baby llama will cuddle up and keep me warm through the night. Hopefully he is not endangered with the same ailment as the baby foal.

Let this be a lesson – simply because you have beaten Oba at checkers, doesn’t mean you have won.SotA_02-16-16_8-08_1

Well now, this is a lovely structure indeed. It looks so much better on the lot than that monstrosity that came before it. Oba will indeed rue the day he challenged me to a game of checkers!


Come again? Where is the floor? Is there no upper level? Where did you beasts come from? I don’t recall letting you in here. Baby Foal, what the devil have you been eating?

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