While struggling to get through the Release 27 Post Mortem, there was an interesting tidbit of information about the Tour Guides. The question was asked how many Avatars completed all the Tour Guide quests and thus, laid claim to all 17 hats.

The answer? 370.

Each Tour Quest had about 2000 people play along. Now, there are over 173,000 registered “New Britannians” so for 2000 to get a hat is rather small percentage, thus quite rare. And out of those ~2000 per release, only 370 grabbed them all.

Now if I may gloat for a moment, I am one of those people. I have all 17. I’m quite sure Alley Oop is another, since she helped me get several of mine. So, that leaves 368 others who have all the hats. Who might ye be?

What is that, less than 1% of all registered users completed all the quests? Rare items indeed.

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2 Responses to How many Avatars completed all the Tour Guide quests?

  • Alley says:

    Some of them may be multiple account holders who ran the quests for each one, so not that many actual people.

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    Ah, a fair point indeed. I hadn’t considered that since I only have one account. Not sure how many that would be, but I bet it knocks out a few.

    I thought the number of participants would be higher. Yes, it was a silly set of quests. Yes, the quests were riddled with bugs. Yes, you could expect to die at the behest of Lum the Mad. Yes, getting that Hennin Hat did make you lose faith in humanity. But still, it wasn’t all that bad.

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