I was not on hand to bear witness to the event, thus is the nature of a solo mission, but for reasons unknown – perhaps he was filled with the courage that only Fireweed Ale can inspire, or perhaps he had been challenged to a dare he simply couldn’t retreat from, or perhaps in the bleak insanity of night, he had nothing better to do – Jobe felt the calling.

Regardless of the impetus, Jobe set out to the secrecy of the desert sand with designs of quelling the fury of the Fire Chicken, more commonly known as Riei Firefeather.

His combat method of choice was ranged attack and with a combination of Aimed Shot, Disabling Shot, Ice Arrow and others, he emerged victorious. His chestnuts were roasted slightly due to a few lucky shots, but victorious nonetheless.

A noble victory indeed, although I believe there are better, and safer ways to spend a restless night. But to each their own when it comes to forms of amusement.

Good show Jobe! Any chance you’ll split the drumstick with me? I’m sure I have a bucket of dipping sauce around here somewhere.

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