Until recently, I’ve been using some of the more standard fare when it comes to protecting my noggin and precious innards. But taking pity of me and the many savage blows I’ve taken, Oba Evesor toiled in the dank and dark spaces of the mines to pull forth the raw materials to build a better suit. To that end he created the White Iron Epic Plate Leggings. Not to let that stand, he also made the matching White Iron Chest Armor, Boots and Gauntlets.

While not nigh invulnerable, that would take magic and skills beyond my powers, I am able to lay waste to a great many creatures, scorch the ground without burning my delicate bits and teach those pesky wolves that I am not a tasty chew toy. I’ve had this conversation with them many times in the past, but they refuse to heed my message.

But we’ll see who’s laughing last!

I travelled to Deep Ravenswood and gave the new pants and indeed the whole ensemble a try. It was glorious! Not only am I fully protected from the slings and arrows of danger, but now my outfit actually matches in tone and texture. My previous leggings were quite good when it came to protecting my delicate backside, but their unusual shape and color made my posterior protrude in a rather unsightly manner which caused me great personal distress. This outfit is much more appealing and confirms that not only will I survive a savage smiting by those who wish to do me harm, I’ll look good doing it.


Have a look at this little beauty! I’ll be able to take a lot of punishment with these rascals on!


Not to mention the extremely durable and fashionable chest armor to keep my sternum from getting crushed, not only from the wolf menace, but from those peksy cliffs that seem to come out of nowhere.


Nope, these scalding flames are no match for me when I’m in Oba’s pants


Keep a look out Senorita Pantalones del Fuego, while I get to work on these wolves. It’s just a matter of time until we get our jerky operation off the ground. We’ll be known throughout the realm for our delicious meats using a special blend of herbs and spices I pilfered from the Mysterious Swamp. And with just a dash of sap from the Stinging Tree, these wolf chops will be spicy!

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