I had heard rumor of fabulous technology and architecture nestled within Skrekk, town of the Kobolds. Thinking this was a folly, I went to investigate on my own. Or rather, I followed along with Alley and Oba since Oba was keen to use their architectural skills in building a new home.

I must admit, it was a lovely, with ornate buildings, eerily beautiful vegetation, majestic waterfalls and what seemed to be an abundance of lightning energy.

Immediately, I was suspicious. How can a civilization with such limited vocabulary and glaring lack of thumbs put together such wonderful structures? This was evident in their Great Hall, a wonderful mix of metal and stone. The Kobolds also seem to possess a keen sense of how to use space and the floor plan was open with elegant rooms. Their metal work is astounding and looks like it will last an Age.

As we explored further, it was clear the Kobolds have advanced understanding of the elements and the manipulation of water. They are able to channel it with great ease and illuminate the huge moon towers that make up their cavern.

It was truly a marvel. I confess, very little made sense to me. But I wonder if they would be inclined to pay the Hollow a visit and perhaps offer assistance in putting together some water works. We could jump ahead on our outhouse technology if we employ some of their techniques.


Wait a moment, hold on now. I’ve been warned about entering towns where the gates look like lifeless skulls.


Well now, this is quite lovely. I wonder if one of these is the local public house.


They do seem to have quite a network going on down here.


We might be onto something! This could be one of those new hot tubs I’ve heard about! Not the best location, but it could still be in the experimental phase. I wonder if they’d let us give it a try.


Are you quite sure you want another log on the fire for the hot water? It already seems you have a hearty blaze going on as it is.

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