I don’t necessarily have an eye for color and my skill at the mill leaves a little something to be desired. But good news, the merchants of New Britannia are offering some exciting furniture items to help shake off the look of a shanty.

There are some quality items like a new Wizard’s Inlaid Leather Round Table, a Vintage Blue Velvet Furniture set (and who doesn’t want to sit on blue velvet I ask you), Vintage Cordovan 5 Drawer Curved Dress (and who doesn’t like curves I ask you), Ornate Wooden 2-Tier Oval Display Table, as well as variety of new plants including Palm Trees, Juniper Topiaries, Potted Elder Bush, not to mention the sassy longboat and gondola.

Now, you can go out, find the resources, get the plans and take great satisfaction in putting your very own together, but fear of that whirring blade has me handing over coins to the merchant. I’ve become used to my thumbs and would like to keep them. I think I will have the merchant package up a few and send them over to my banker so I can unwrap them at my leisure.

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