Darkness falls across the land
The midnite hour is close at hand
Tis time to bend over and hold tight
And give this land a mighty wipe

For the past few weeks, the EVL guild has been holding tournaments to showcase the skill of player combatants. While I have not been in attendance for all events, I have been present for last few and witnessed some awe inspiring tactics.

On tap last night were the final battles featuring Oba Evesor and Jobe. They have been working on a barrage of skills and we were treated to some explosive duels.

Oba was able to parry and lunge his way to a mighty victory, while Jobe held the crowd in suspense by winning the first round, then incinerating members of the audience for the second round and accepting defeat by the most narrow of margins for the third round.

I believe some spectators in the front row were pummeled with some off target spells. But that is the thrill of competition!

Also in attendance were DarkStarr, Atos and Attenwood. Thanks to DarkStarr for handing out all of the explosives and fireworks.

So congratulations to both Oba and Jobe for showing expertise in the combat arts and improving their skills so they can keep me safe in the face of terrible dangers. I appreciate your efforts!

And finally, it’s the end of the world. We all knew it would come. Darkness will soon be upon us. The fields will be razed and the buildings cast asunder. And goodbye to bad rubbish!

But this also means exciting things are on the way. Not only will the world as we know it continue to expand, but it will also be reshaped. Stinging Tree Hollow shall be cast anew with a few surprises, and not just death defying trips in our new Air Balloon.

So bring forth the cataclysm, my mug is prepared!

And now, a musical interlude to get you in the mood

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