After discussing my path in life, I was hurled through the Rift and found myself amidst the chaos of a battle. After clearing a path to the gate, I hitched a ride over to Soltown. I took the opportunity to grab a few of my reward items out of the bank with intentions of heading to my own town over in the Hidden Vale. Had I known the problems I would soon face, I would have grabbed a slew of items, like merchants and buildings.

Well, that didn’t work so well. Some pirate miscreants have stolen the ferry outside of Ardoris and in order to get safe passage, you have to make a death defying run through Eastreach Gap. Oh the horror!

As a brand new resident of the realm with no skills to my credit I have to enter a control point where the wolves outrank my abilities by three fold. I even had my companion Woody, but  he wasn’t up to the challenge any more than I was. He was savagely mauled while I ran for cover.

I thought about talking to the Mysterious Mage, but that ratfinkovich charges more ducats than he’s work to get me across this wasteland. And it’s not like I have any coins to spare, or any coins at all.

Consumed with flame, I made a mad dash. It was not a shining moment, but I was eventually able to make it out. From there, I traveled to Brittany and hopped the new ferry. Once in my town I was greeted by nothingness. The Town Crier was nowhere to be seen and after searching high and low, I nipped off to Braemar to grab some buildings so I could at least have a banker.

Finally, after all that was, I placed a lot and was denied. It might own this town, and this might be my lot, but nothing shall be claimed until it’s my turn in the lot selection process. Some may claim this to be fair for all citizens. I claim it to be poppy. Without the ability to claim a lot, I can’t set permissions in the town, which means, no one can claim lots. All Player Owned Tows are effectively cut off and dead until it’s our turn in the rotation. I’m sure there were town owners and residents that loved the way that worked out. That is bad Jujumugumbo if I ever saw it. And I assure you, I have seen plenty of bad Jujumugumbo in my time!

I eventually did find the Town Crier, but he is quite an elusive chap. He’s not going out of his way to make his presence known. Perhaps he could put a tick on the map to show me where he was hiding, or perhaps he could have done the decent thing and just walked to the damnable entrance. Is that too much to ask? It’s not like he’s doing anything down by the water front. He just stands there, alone, sad and neglected. He might seek a life of solitude, I can respect that, but if he were to venture in a little bit, I could put an awning over his head to keep off the sun and rain, perhaps a palm tree to liven up the place, even a seat at the bar would be available if he would just be where I could find him!

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2 Responses to Into the fray with Release 29. It could have gone better

  • Alley says:

    that’s not true. you can access the town permissions from any lot stone you put down. you don’t have to claim it first.

    and they are going to put the criers on the compass.

    still, you’re better off than mountains: they have no crier at all!

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    Hmm, I will have to look again, because I didn’t see those options when I placed the marker. It was not obvious to me. Admittedly, I may have been blinded with rage at the time. This is what happens when I try to play on my own. Nothing good comes of it.

    No Crier at all? If only they would test this on a QA server before handing it over to the public. 🙂 Guess they will need to raid the bank in a nearby town to get their goods.

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