Don’t forget, lots of exciting things going on with Shroud of the Avatar today. First, there will be the Telethon of the Avatar with all sorts of deep dives on different topics and free prizes if you happen to be logged into chat. Also, if you pledge $5 today and the stretch goal is met, you’ll be awarded the Flower Emote, the Flower Crown and possibly, the Butterfly Pet. It’s all Spring related items! Additionally, not only is today the last day to receive the 15% Bonus for all money spend in the store, but it’s also the last day for several pledge levels.

And for the big finale, it will be the in-game EVL – Duel the Devs event at Chaos Caverns. That will take place at 8:30 CDT tonight where you can battle Starr, Chris and Richard. And if you win, you’ll get hand crafted items. Sounds like a pretty damn good time.

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