Pretty exciting business during the telethon last night. Not only did we get to see some unique interpretive dance by Starr, but the musical stylings of both Chris and Lum. When it comes to the musical interlude, I’m not sure which was more striking, the ad lib Macarena or Chris’ rendition of Tom Sawyer.

But it wasn’t all fun and shots, there were some serious dealings during the ten hour event. Chris, Starr and Richard delved into multiple aspects of the game like combat, crafting and player owned towns.

Once thing that was iterated was that the upcoming “launch” is not a release of the game despite what many might think. In fact, launch is probably the wrong word. The game world will be persistent, not prone to vanishing without a trace as it currently does. Being persistent means a lot more people will feel comfortable playing as their progress won’t be erased. Additionally, the monthly cycle of releases will continue for the foreseeable future. So SotA will be persistent, not exactly launched.

And with that sentiment, the team stated there is a lot more work to come both in story, balancing, UI, quests and just about everything that makes the game cool. You have to admit, they took a pretty big risk with a change to the combat system this late in the process. But it clearly shows they are listening to feedback and are willing to make big changes when it ultimately benefits the game.

Crafting and Combat will get lots of attention as we move forward. As they battle with players and make weapons for themselves, the Devs see room for improvement.

I found the topic of Player Owned Towns pretty interesting. While I don’t like that PoT owners can’t place houses ahead of the Lot Selection process, Starr is sticking with promises made during Kickstarter, well before PoTs came on the scene. People paid for that privilege and he will honor it. I can’t fault him for that.

It was also stated they didn’t want a PoT to become a house – meaning, they didn’t like the idea of making the entire town your backyard. I can see their point as we already have enough Fred Sanford junk piles around the place, especially in Owl’s Head, and it would be easy for a Town owner to scatter Addon store items as far as the eye can see. I personally like items being available to place outside lots, but not everyone shows the same level of moderation and taste that I display. (Stop that damn laughing)

And finally, for the big event, it was supposed to be a PvP Battle Royale. Alas, there was a glitch or two that prevented it from reaching its full potential. Not only could we have done without the commentary, there were too many people in the scene and the latest update actually generated a few errors.

While Chris, Starr and Richard were able to lay down the hand of smiting with impunity, there were problems with getting kicked off and a hefty login queue upon your return. The frame rate dropped pretty drastically so it was hard to keep track of the carnage. Not to mention Chris was in one basement dungeon while Starr was in another so you really couldn’t see anything.

I will note that Lord British had quite the thirst for blood. I admire his fighting spirit.

And let’s not forget, that soon we’ll be able run along with our butterfly or dragonfly wearing a crown of flowers and tossing petals to all who cross our path. Glorious indeed!

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