Of all the things I’ve been called, a crafter is not one of them. In fact, up to this point I’ve shied away from crafting, not because I would lose a finger or singe off my eyebrows, but because of the sheer boredom of it. I know I need 9,000 ingots to make a suit of armor, but making one ingot at a time drove me straight up crazy bananas.

Once I get my raw materials, either by bashing the tree into submission or pummeling rocks until they give up their metallic goodness, I usually turn those over to someone else. It’s fine for a quick chair or two, but when you need to make a pile of ingots or salvage dozens of weapons and shields, it loses it’s charm real quick.

However, the latest iteration of crafting has changed the process dramatically. There is no longer the tedium of clicking the same recipe over and over again. You can now select a recipe and, if you have enough materials, create multiples of the same item. If you have a stockpile of timbers, out shoots seating for 8. If you have enough ore, out shoots all the iron ingots you need to create a new Sword of Smiting. You can also break down a pile of shields, hammers or bows without selecting each one individually. It’s quite grand!

I’m by no means skilled at crafting nor will I achieve the level of mastery of Alley and Oba, but there is a lot more enjoyment in salvaging items and creating that first layer of bulk materials. I don’t know that making ingots or tanning hides will be at the top of my list of things to do instead of going to the pub, but this latest iteration far exceeds what came before it. I will have Gothic Chair seating for a 120 in no time!

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