While the governor of Stinging Tree Hollow might be a maniacal despot, I have managed to secure a prime location for my new home within the confines of his town. And it’s a gem of a property, nestled within a natural stone barrier and overlooking a small pond. There is plenty of room out back for a garden, I’ll have a place to sink a well and there is n excellent spot for my outhouse under the shade of a big tree. That’s one room we don’t want overheating and cooking in the sun.

After placing my new abode, Alley discovered something interesting. While there is no direct access, it appears the roof offers a first-rate location for an outdoor bar and sitting area. This would be a grand communal area, if only we could get to it.

Undaunted, Alley took quill to papyrus and began to devise a scheme that would allow us a means of entry. It seemed a simple matter of elevation. While I toured my new home and consequently got lost in the basement, Alley ransacked the decorations merchant.

Being a graduate of the Rube Goldberg School of Crafting and Design, I soon found her amidst an abundance of crates, bookshelves, wall dividers, benches and other assorted furniture. She was, to say the least, a flurry of motion and before you could offer up a carpentry hammer or ask if any boards needed to be milled, a swanky staircase began to take shape.

I stood clear, as this was unquestionably the undertaking of a professional and stared in amazement as stairs sat securely on bookcases with crates nestled securely onto the balcony. Right before my eyes a staircase leapt from the balcony to the roof and soon we were ready to construct the outdoor seating area.

I dashed to the bank and withdrew my good furniture. The antique velvet chair, sofa and ottoman would look smashing up there and would be accented by the dark coffee table and wizard table. The centerpiece would be the gazebo. While Alley did the intricate work, I lifted the heavy things.

Upon my arrival the staircase was complete, adorned with railings and mechanisms to keep the unsteady and unsober from plummeting to a Brobdingnagian head injury. My first test of the stairway was a complete success and within moments I was on the outdoor veranda under the golden rays of the sun.

Since Alley has far more decorating style and flair than myself, I offered that she be the voice of reason as to the placement of accoutrements. Quick as a flash, all was in place and we were able to marvel at the view with a soothing beverage.


Oh my goodness, look at this! The engineering prowess at work here is beyond measure!


Oh, lookie there, bumpers at the corners so I won’t take a terrible plunge and spill my drink. That is darn good thinking, Alley! Safety first!


This space is fantastic! The antique furniture and gazebo will be ideal up here!

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