It is never too early to prepare for the Samhain season and so the planting and tending to the most sincere pumpkin patch in the realm has begun. Setting up near our centrally located crafting pavilion, the planting beds were placed with care and all due diligence was taken in cultivating this most magnificent orange fruit.

After sewing the seeds of love, some of the crop was used to make excellent batches of fine orange dyes. These will be making their debut in upcoming costumery, while others might make their way into a carefully calculated and controlled batch of ale. The precise details are still being kept a well guarded secret.

Under the watchful eye of our master horticulturalists, the planting beds have taken root and the crop has spring to life. The Hollow shines a majestic hue of orange under the grandeur of the gourds. One or two might be pinched to fulfill their destiny as a desert pie, while others might be the essence of more die, but the vast majority will stand sentry, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear and declare that they reside in the most sincere pumpkin patch.


It’s happening! It’s happening! Arise my pumpkin minions!!


My pumpkin army will soon be ready


The dye and tasty treats we’ll have on hand will be the envy of all the other towns!

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