After attending several PvP styled tournaments, I have come to the conclusion that Stinging Tree Hollow would benefit by the inclusion of its own combat arena. I have no personal desire or the skills necessary to engage in such feats of strength and combat, but rather, my reasons for such a structure are somewhat selfish.

While in attendance of previous tournaments, I, and several other unsuspecting onlookers where assailed with random acts of devastation. It seems spells such as Chain Lightning have no regard for the innocent and I was electrocuted in a most savage way. This lead to the embarrassing situation of losing control of my viscera and the more mortifying result of being knocked unconscious, forcing me to drop my drinking horn, thus spilling my ale. Additionally, degenerate gambling seems to be frowned upon in other towns and I feel compelled to rectify this situation.

To create a safe environment for ale consumption and the time honored trading of betting on people’s lives, the groundwork and the wheels have been set in motion. Alley Oop, with ever a keen eye and attention to detail has marked out the playing field and set up the boundaries we shall work within. With the help of the local vendors, suitable seating has been installed and appropriate lighting is being set.

Whether he realizes it or not, Oba Evesor has been tasked with preparing the field for battle. It rests upon his worthy shoulders to create a pitch well suited for combat. When completed it will create an area where participants must be aggressive and vigilant in order to hunt down their prey. Small areas of cover will be available, but there shall be no cowering the corners and no escaping the area. In the end, they must fight or submit. And, I of course, shall wager on the outcome and revel in the results knowing full well that errant arrows or misfired bolts of lightning shall not come between myself and my ale.

It shall indeed be a grand spectacle. And in order to spur on construction, I’m off to get the lash.


Well, things are coming along nicely. I see Oba is putting in some sort of diabolical maze.


Very good, my hot air balloon is in place so I can watch over the proceedings. And I see my wheel of pain has been delivered, excellent news.

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