In order to keep me safe from the perils and dangers of the realm, Oba Evesor constructed a magnificent suit of armor made from White Iron. This will give me the valuable protection I need when faced with the onslaught of spiders, wolves, bears and the undead. No longer will it be a simple matter of stabbing me in the kidney and rendering me incapacitated. They’re going to have to work for their supper!

It’s a complete suit too, from boots that were made for walking, to the helm that casts and eerie shadow and makes me look as though I have stepped from the Netherworld. That is always a good look when trying to instill the proper amount of fear when first encountering an adversary.

Not to be outdone, I have crafted a mighty two-handed blade from bronze. This should prove useful as I endeavor to skewer bandits and the mage that never cease to do me harm by trying to set me ablaze. We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

To add the coup de grace to this magnificent set, I toiled at the crafting table and created a dye ensemble that would give this plating the brilliance it deserves. I had to loot a tremendous amount of bananas from that ungrateful Myra in Owl’s Head in order to complete it. I think she could be a bit more accommodating after all my work to sneak into the Clink to try and extricate her brother. It’s not my fault he’s suffering from the ill effects of dungeon fever and refused to make a getaway with me. I possessed the sword of smiting, what could have possibly gone wrong? Daylight and a fortifying sandwich were at hand!

Nevertheless, it is time to behold the awesome power of the White Iron Epic plate, adorned with Yellow Gold and trimmed with Dark Yellow. Don’t get too close, it’s sharp!


Don’t try to take it in all at once, there is simply too much.

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