Why can’t the abandoned ruin actually be abandoned? Why must they always be inhabited by something evil, sinister and intent on doing me harm?

As mentioned, I waited for the cover of darkness then stealthily entered the Crypt of the Avatar, as Thanatos requested. With my trusty companion Samael, we moved down the long corridor into the mysterious chamber. From the start, it had a sinister air, like death and cabbage. It was clear, we were not alone. There was a guardian calling herself the Warmaiden and her counterpart Miles Shepherd, apparently some sort of Ambassador.

I made ready to strike, but Samael informed me that creating a whirlwind of chaos wouldn’t advance our quest. Instead, he suggested I introduce myself, drop the name of Thanatos at the pivotal moment and see how I could be of assistance.

I’m under the assumption these two don’t get many visitors as they were a wealth of information and kept me engaged for quite some time. They relayed many tales, including details of an Aren Bennis, none of which boded well.

But as we unraveled the mysteries, we learned that we needed to move on, to pay the ferryman and move deeper into Midras. Samael, took his leave to make preparations for our journey. I took the opportunity to investigate the catacomb. I should have departed with Samael, as this tomb is riddled with the undead and an abundance of horrors. Some horrible deeds have taken place in this catacomb and while certain doom awaits, it felt a better alternative than my current location.

I learned that one does not simply enter Midras, you must sneak upon it’s shores under guise. When I found Samael, in the town center of Spite, he informed me that the ferryman would take us to the other side, but we would have to hide ourselves among the dead. This trip is getting worse with every step.

With no other options, we agreed to these terms, met the man at the docks and crossed the river under silence. And just when I thought the passage couldn’t get any worse, it did. Having the stench of death saturate me is one thing, but landing on shore to discover we have to enter a cave that looks to be a menacing carved skull made me want to turn around and head back to the local tavern. Nothing good comes from entering a cave like that. Nothing!

I offered to buy the first round for Samael, if he agreed to jump back on the boat and say nothing about any of this. He denied me. The damnable fool was already off and waiting for me to catch up.

The halls of the cave were a terrible place, with twists, turns and false corridors. Multiple times spiders dropped in from nowhere, full of venom and ill-tidings. Samael, was too busy chatting up a ghost to be of any use to me. I had to do all the work with the help of my air elemental.

Finally, I discovered the right corridor, but the way was blocked by some mysterious force. I had to piece together a series of letters found on the bones of those less fortunate than myself and felt it proper, that if I should make it out of this cavern alive, I would do my best to deliver them. Someone must know these poor souls.

Since death was imminent, I took out a new sheet of paper and wrote my own final thoughts. I kept it short and to the point so that others might learn from what transpired in the cave:

“Mistakes were made”

Then it was time to speak with Anapa. This poor soul did not look to be in the peak of health and had nothing but vitriol to spit at me. He verily exuded contempt and hatred toward me. I tried to be the voice of reason and offer my help, but progress was not forthcoming. He refused my cordial offer of a tankard of ale and frowned sternly upon a bowl of mutton. I even offered to spritz up the place with the strategic placement of a few whimsical jack-o-lanterns. My tidings of joy were not well received and Anapa has a severe aversion to the orange gourd.

And like so many other malcontents that have been locked away too long, Anapa ordered his minions to attack. The musty room became a theater of slaughter. I was beaten savagely and had to make a tactical retreat on more than one occasion. My sword was crumbling to mere shavings and I had to resort to a rusty sword I managed to salvage from one of the fallen. I plunged into a melee with Anapa himself. The odds were shockingly stacked against us, but somehow, perhaps luck favors the desperate and confused, the air elemental and I were triumphant.

Since all the dangerous work had been done, Samael piped in with some sage words of advice. Pressing further we made a dreadful discovery. Locked away was Sequanna, the Titan of Love. I did my best to free her, but she explained her destiny was elsewhere.

Now that the fury of Anapa was contained, Sequanna had hearts to heal and instructed us to make haste to find Grannus and Boreus. They most likely had met with a similar fate and were being confined in a similar fashion.

Grannus and Boreus? Hold on a moment now, there are more of you that let yourselves get captured? I have to face more horrors, more terrible caves, more rabble-rousers with designs on realm domination and ruin yet more of my good leggings to free you vagabonds?

There better be a darn good reward at the end of all this.


Hmm, creepy sarcophagus with beams of light streaking down. Quick, let’s go have a look!


Ok, no reason to panic. This in no way means we won’t get out of here alive.


I like the chamber, but I could do without the warrior decorations on the side. They bring down the overall mood of the place.


Say hey! Quick, give me a boost so I can nick the cup! One drink limit at the pub indeed, we’ll show them!


Absolutely nothing right about this. Nothing.


Ok, A for creepy atmospheric effect. I don’t even want to know what this green vapor is.


Anapa! I’ve been looking all over for you. Thanatos sent me. By the way, love the space, could use a bit of cheering up as far as decor goes, but overall, quite lovely.


What the devil do we have here? Samael, don’t just stand there, chip off some of that good ice and we’ll break out the drinks!

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