I’ve been holding on to this amulet trinket that Gawain shoved on me for far too long. I decided I would seek out this mysterious Brigid and give it to her. Gawain bid me to travel to Resolute, which I did. He bid me to find Brigid, which I did. And she turned out to be a woman of sense as our conversation took place in the local tavern.

But she was in no mood to share a tankard of ale with me. As soon as I produced the amulet, she spun into a mead fueled rage and began to slur aspersions upon Grannus and all his dealings. Not to be outdone by Gawain, she took an amulet of her own, thrust it upon me and told me to take it to Grannus. Before I could inquire as to why I needed to be the messenger, she informed me that she was not welcome at court any longer. She was at odds with Grannus and his ilk, and if her message was going to get through, I would have to be errand boy.

Her directions were a touch unclear, but she directed me to the town of Harvest, where I need to take the boat to Estgard and then to Valhold.

Hold the gypsy wagon a moment. Did you say, ferry? The last time I took a ferry, I was stashed amongst the dead like a sack of potatoes and sent to an island with a ruinous cave in the shape of a skull. What makes you think I’m signing up for that sort of thing again?

Alas, Brigid was no longer engaged in conversation with me. She was instead having a meaningful discussion with her mug of ale about how no one understood her and that one day she would show them all. I felt it best to take my leave.

I thusly consulted the map and discovered Harvest is many leagues from here, up to the North. I grabbed my drinking horn and set off.

Upon reaching Harvest, I found it to be a rather desolate and barren sort of town. There was a gloom about the place and no one seemed particularly interested in talking to me. Their loss.

Since I needed to take a boat, and boats are usually located near water, I made my way to the docks. As luck would have it, a boat was there at the ready. But oddly, there was no ferryman, no wagon full of bodies that I would have to snuggle with. There wasn’t even a guard on duty to let them know I was nicking off with their boat. So thus, under of cover of darkness, which is always my best method of operation, I slipped out into the water and made my way to Estgard.

It was just as bleak and inhospitable. There was no need to tarry, so I left town without a saying a word to any of the citizenry. Their loss.

Once on the big island, I found Valhold in the distance and marched toward it. Upon entering, the gloom was just as heavy as the other towns I’d visited. I suppose this lot had cause, as they had recently been the victims of some sort of kobold assault. Their town was in shambles, buildings broken, and most of the population seeking shelter elsewhere.

I explained that I had come to seek an audience with Grannus, which was not well received. The feelings toward Grannus, were quite sour. The feelings toward the kobolds were downright hostile as judged by the bodies swinging on the gallows. I hoped my interview with Grannus would not add me to their ranks.

But gaining entrance proved difficult. I explained that Brigid had sent me, that I had an amulet to deliver and that I wished to speak with Grannus in his throne room. Our conversation went round in circles for some time. After several false starts, I reintroduced myself to the guard and like a welcome servant of the court, I was allowed entrance. *

Once inside the stately abode, I skulked around looking for trinkets to steal. Rather, I lead a self-guided tour of his palace and admired his many wondrous decorations.

I found Grannus in the main hall, doubled over from what appeared to be the ill-effect of a bad bowl of mutton. Since I saw no privy on my reconnoiter, it was no surprise he was in such distress. But I offered up the amulet from Brigid which contained a missive full of vitriol. Brigid railed against Grannus and I felt an awkward moment pass over the room.

With Grannus in no fit state, Mara took me off to the side and discussed how I could be of assistance in these desperate times. I was then encouraged to speak with Ennes, who also implored my aid.

The situation was grave and I was beseeched to make haste for the Battlecamp and discuss matters with Lord Ferig. Conspiracy is in our midst and I was sent with a writ that would set the wheels of justice in motion.

As I set to take my leave, I asked if they might be able to spare a mutton and pickle sandwich for the task ahead. It had been a long journey thus far and who knows what perils await me. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just a bit of crusty bread, a few thin slices of mutton, a couple of perky tomatoes and a few pickles to add just the right amount of zest.

My request seemed to fall on deaf ears. My loss.

* Due to the glitchy nature of this quest, using keywords did not get the guards to open the doors for the Grannus Palace. For the moment, click or type in “Hail” and the guards will let you in.


Oh, oh my. This does not bode well.


Quite a formidable door to this ultra-swanky domicile. Normally, under circumstances like these, I would use my prowess and skill to bash the door right of it’s hinges and make a grand entrance. But perhaps, just this once, I will see what these guards have to say about the matter.


Grannus! Good evening to you! I come bearing gifts. Yes, yes, I know what you’ve been told about strangers bearing gifts, but have no fear, we know plenty of people in common. And rest assured, it’s in no way egotistical to be surrounded by giant statues and flags with your own image on them.

You seem to be suffering from some diabolical, gastrointestinal distress. Perhaps you need to sneak out and use the little titans room? Fear not, I don’t mind waiting, you go right ahead. I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with “using” that open well I found outside. If that’s not it’s purpose, you might want to put up a little fence around it.

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