Outside the walls of Valhold, I cast my eye in the direction of Lord Ferig’s Battlecamp and set off. It took me only moments to locate him within his makeshift camp, which was devoid of wine as I would soon discover. I made note to speak to Anton about the matter one my return visit to Kingsport. I handed over my documents and we got down to business. Ferig seemed quite troubled over the events that had lead me to him and bid me give him silence to ponder his next move. Without much else to go on, and no wine to partake of, I said my goodbye and went to visit with Demig who is the master of his own Battlecamp, but much more difficult to discern.

The guards were more vigilant in this camp and required me to produce my papers before allowing me to enter. I certainly didn’t look like a Kobold, so I’m not sure who they mistook me for. But good thing I kept the documents Essen had previously given me. When it comes to identify myself, I usually cast such documents aside and present myself as a man of mystery, or a man of action depending on circumstance.

Once allowed to pass, I met with Demig in his tent and produced the token Essen had also entrusted to me. Demig found the matter distressing, but stood firm on the idea that there would be peace between the Kobolds and the Humans.

Then, in a move I found startling, he made me his emissary and put forth the task of going to Skrekk to meet with their ruler and king. He quickly put together a letter of introduction and sent me off with a token of respect. Before I could object or question what he meant by “have to defend myself,” I was on my way and heading toward the mountains.

My approach was fraught with dangers as the Kobolds took me as a threat and immediately set out to remove me from their homes. Before I could explain my presence, the hazards were upon me and the “defend yourself” warning became clear. It seems inappropriate behavior to dispatch those whom you have come to discuss peace. Clearly they hadn’t been given notice of peace as the document was still stashed away in my chest armor, so this is how it would have to be.

When the forest settled, I found myself at the entrance to the Kobold Caverns with trepidation to continue. Once again, the entrance to their domicile was a sinister formation cut into the mountainside itself. But, if peace could be at hand, then I must press on. And so I did.

I marveled at the city before me. How could such a smelly peoples, with non-existent dental practices and a complete lack of thumbs make such wondrous marvels?

When I saw a guard near the city entrance, I made ready my sword, but he assured me there would be no need. As I had come this far and shown my worth, there would be no further need of combat. I presented myself for inspection and requested and audience with Korabar. The guard explained that even though I was a foolish human and most likely not to be trusted, Korabar could be found in his palace and pointed the way.

Ever weary, I walked through town and made my way to the Kobold mansion. No harm came to me, save for a jibe or two about being human and some slight in regard to the color yellow. Perhaps a peace accord could be reached.

I stood before Korabar and offered up the documents and tokens I had been given by Demig. The atmosphere was tense and I felt at any moment I would have to defend myself from a dangerous predicament. But none came.

Korbar spoke that Demig had honor, but there was still treachery in the midst of Valhold. Demig was prepared to fall on his sword with honor to bring peace, but the house of Grannus was in ill-repair and no peace would be forthcoming with such vipers in the den.

With that, Korbar, entreated me to return to Valhold, and speak with Grannus directly in regards to new details that had come to light. Since I had no choice in the matter, I soon found myself back in the Valhold palace with Mara and Essen. It was an awkward moment, but I presented them both with the new information I had been given. At this time, Grannus and Ferig entered, demanding to be informed of these new developments. As I explained the events as I had witnessed them, a volcanic argument erupted and many damaging things were said.

Unable to remove myself from the room, I interested myself in the marvelous tapestries on the walls. Accusations flew like daggers and try as I might, I could not escape the hazards. As I looked on, the situation grew violent and was dealt with in a stern and shocking manner. My task of delivering a message had unhinged a web of lies.

Grannus, full of shame and regret, thanked me for my participation and asked I take up the mantle to find Boreus and Sequanna. I explained that Samael and I had been to see Sequanna and we had done our best to set that situation right.

Amidst the carnage, Grannus handed me a scepter and sent me to find Boreus. He was last seen near Blood River, where there had been another outbreak of violence. Blood River? That doesn’t sound like a place I want to visit. I’m quite sure harm will come to me out there.

As a token of gratitude, I was offered a scrumptious mutton and pickle sandwich, replete with mug of ale. It’s not quite the sack of gold one hopes to get out of these affairs, but it’s better than nothing, which is exactly what I got the last time I was here.

*Due to the incomplete nature of this quest, the final portions will flow together in an usual manner or may not work at all. Once in Valhold, to keep the quest moving toward completion, I spoke with Mara, wherein the dialog jumped between multiple characters. A few sequences are missing, but you should receive the reward at the end, which is the scepter.


Ah, Lord Demig, good to meet you. I have to say, I like the tent. Pity about the wine situation, but fear not, I know a few people who might be able to help. Since we’re out on the fringes it could take some time for the first shipment and the price could be dear, but wine might soon be in the cask again. As long as you don’t ask too many questions that is. You concentrate on the war effort, I’ll concentrate on the liquor.


Oh Nay, Nay, I say! The last time I went into a cavern like this, I had a bad experience!


Well, I will say this, you have fine craftsmanship. My compliments on snagging the best lot in the carven, Korabar.


Yes, well, good evening! I did indeed come to blows with your guards and give them mortal wounds, but it was all in the name of peace I assure you. Hmm, that didn’t quite come out right. I say, nice chair! Any chance your minions could whip one up for me? I have a rather spacious abode myself and would adorn one of the rooms nicely.


So, here we are again. I’m sure you have a few things to discuss based on the details I just learned from Korabar. Perhaps I should slip outside and give you some space. I’ll show myself out, no need to trouble yourselves.

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