With my bitter feud with the local vendor still raging, yet being low on Spider Silk that is used in the wondrous skills of creating a fabulous ring of fire and calling the Air Elemental to my rescue, I had no choice but to head out into the woods and harvest the silk myself. Of course, this meant facing one of my deadliest foes and greatest fears, the Red Spider. The mere thought of it gives me the creeping horrors; those cold lifeless eyes, those excruciatingly long and dangerous looking fangs, the hideous and troubling number of legs covered in fur, that bulbous back end that hides a terrible, venomous secret. I’ve been face to face with these monstrosities on many occasions and each time I feel the burning sting of their venom as it courses through my veins. And my Air Elemental has proven to be both unsuited and equally unwilling to suck out the poison in my hour of need.

But this time, I had a new plan. As I quietly followed the path through Deep Ravenswood, I located their lair. My plan was to lie in wait and spring upon them as they came out of their darkened hovel for a spot of breakfast. As the morning sun peaked over the horizon, I set my designs in motion.

As the first unholy creation stepped into the light, down came the sword. The Air Elemental discharged a magnificent bolt of lightning that stunned the bejeebers out of the fuzzy devil. I immediately had the upper hand and crushed the life right out of it. I set to work extracting the needed Spider Silk, but, the sound of the commotion had awakened the hillside and the cave itself. Within moments, several of them were coming right toward me. It was time for the cleansing power of fire and so the ground was scorched with Immolation. And it worked perfectly. They walked right into my trap and I took great satisfaction in their cries for distress, although the smell of burning spider was both noxious and overwhelming.

With those vermin flat on their backs and their little legs twisted and useless, I harvested my silk. I realize I should not take pleasure in the misfortune of others, but I let out joyful cries of glee as I dispatched each and every one on of the hairy beasts.

My wild cackling must have raised the ire of the clan and soon another swarm was on the move. But this time, I was flanked to the left and right, cutting off my escape. I showed them my intentions with a healthy dose of fire. They showed me their intentions with multiple stinging attacks of venom right in the backside. It stung like blazes, but I stood my ground. The Air Elemental launched static bolts, stopping the beasts in their tracks as I swung like fury. Several of them met their end, but taking so many venomous bites started to cloud my judgement.

I felt it best, even though I no longer had any feeling, to make a hasty retreat and ran in the opposite direction of the spiders. A tree barred my path, but even under the influence of venom I was able to negotiate a treaty with it and afford myself passage. But then, things began to take a turn. I made it to the path and stumbled my way toward safety. I heard an angry sound rustling over the leaves and turf. So much venom, so little vision.

Stumbling and dragging my winged helm through the dirt, I made my escape. I collapsed just outside the forest, a stockpile of Spider Silk on my person. I may have lost consciousness and the use of my limbs, but I showed that vendor I could get my own reagents and saved myself some coins.SotA_06-29-16_8-28_1

Be very, very quiet, we’re hunting Red Spiders. You draw them out, then I’ll scorch the ground and smack them over the head. Simplistic yes, but it should be effective.


Ha ha! You’ve all fallen into my diabolical trap! Take that, every last one of you! 


Well, that wasn’t so bad. Now for a quick bit of harvesting and I’ll be on my way.

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2 Responses to Harvesting Spider Silk the Old Fashioned Way

  • Alley says:

    what bitter feud with the local vendor??

  • PeteWi the Disoriented says:

    It is a disagreement that dare not speak it’s name
    I assure you, the vendor is at fault
    I started nothing
    And this has in no way been exaggerated out of proportion

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