While visiting the local market in the town of Kiln, a my attention was wrested by a concerned citizen. He spoke frantically of bizarre occurrences that centered on the local water supply. While I took this to mean over exuberant use of the lavatories and not a particular forte of mine, he corrected my assumption and said the drinking water had been tainted by a menace. I further replied that the local inebriate should be held accountable and perhaps a gate would be in order, but this still did not console the man. He finally explained that the keeper of the cistern had ventured down, but never returned. He feared the worst and felt there were strange creatures lurking therein.

He recognized my prowess with the blade and bid me to investigate and save the poor lad if he was in distress. I have retrieved many things from the wells that dot the realm, but venturing into a cistern was new territory. Luckily, Alley Oop had heard the terrible tale and was ready to sally forth.

It was immediately apparent that the concerned citizens use of the word, “cistern” had been quite liberal and we found ourselves in a water filled catacomb. However, as we searched for the lost water lad, we discovered we were not alone. As we turned the corner, we ran headlong into a series of tainted water elementals.

Not to be outdone, I brought forth my air elemental and we sent the creatures to a watery grave. We then discovered that even though the water elementals had no means of carrying such, they possessed a set of keys. These keys would reveal themselves to be necessary to open a set of locked gates that would be needed to descend further into the labyrinth.

From an odd maintenance note left behind, we were told that due to pressure issues, only two gates could be opened at a time. At first this made no sense, but as Alley soon divined, in order to descend we would need to use a series of valves and switches to control the water level. A diabolical series of events that left me scratching my head.

Undeterred, Alley observed the interaction of water and lever and quickly deduced how we could continue our forward progress. And as we made our way down, some details became clear that this was no ordinary cistern accident.

Notes had been left behind detailing what could only be interpreted as devious experiments. The keeper had been using strange forces to try and harness the power of water. And while it seemed to work in the short term, his thaumaturgy had become dangerous and corrupt. The creatures had turned against their creator. His laboratory notes detailed his advancement and his notable descent into madness. The water keeper was no more. But his fiendish creations still skulked in the shadows.

It seemed, that in order for us to set matters to right, we needed to vanquish a final elemental that verily dared us to enter it’s lair. Alley took up the challenge without hesitation and lead with a ferocious attack. The Air Elemental and I flanked the menace and it was a three pronged attack of devastation. But rather than stand it’s ground and fight to the bitter end, the elemental circled the room like a coward. But no matter, a moving target is all the same.

Alley landed a series of brutal attacks and the elemental burst into a foul, but harmless spray. I say harmless, but I’m quite sure that elemental is going to give me a serious eye infection.

And then it was silent, save for the echo of the drips as they fell upon the stone. We had been far too late to save the water keeper, but the water supply was once again safe. We surfaced and brought good news to the citizen who was still waiting at the outlet for our return. He was overjoyed at our success and showed his gratitude with a tithing of coins. His generosity was appreciated, but I felt pangs of guilt in taking them, as I had to explain that on more than occasion, I had been forced to paddle within their water supply and who knows what manner of detritus I carried with me. Saving the populous can be nasty a business. I suggested they let things settle before quenching their thirst, or better still, put the water in a cauldron over an open flame before consuming. I can’t be held responsible for what might happen otherwise.


More than happy to help with your plight good citizen. But, and I hate to point this out, you seem to be using an old crypt as an entry way to your water supply. I don’t mean to question your judgment, but you did clean out the previous occupant before carrying on with this new construction project, yes?


Quite an auspicious cistern isn’t it?


Water cistern my eye!


Oh nay nay, that’s no drinking water, not by a long shot! You tell fibs Mr. Concerned Citizen!


Do we really have to go in there? It’s dark.


What in the name of all creation is that?! Nevermind, just the Faun bringing me a drink.

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