After setting things to right in regards to the poisoned cistern in Kiln, an additional request was made to investigate disturbances in the sewers of Owl’s Head. I tried to explain that said, “disturbances”, were a perfectly natural occurrence and to not be so judgmental. Some of the stews served in town can be fairly potent.

Dismissing my account of events, we were implored to uncover the distress. I argued that we shouldn’t make a habit of skulking in the town sewer system, but Alley would hear none of it. There was trouble in town and she was to get to the bottom of it.

It took mere moments to discover the source of the contention. Why they choose such unflattering domiciles if beyond me, but a pair of Lich were merrily calling these gutters home. Not to evict someone without just cause, I did my best to explain the situation to the Lich and informed them that many other housing options were available and I would be more than happy to point them in the right direction.

My cordiality served to get me nothing but a fireball to the backside. Sensing this would be the outcome, Alley sprang into action. Her blade swung with power and finesse and while I was occupied with dousing the flames of retribution, Alley had relocated one Lich to the great beyond.

With renewed vigor, I joined the volley against the second. He had more ugly in him than might and was soon crumpled on the floor. I relished rifling through it’s pockets and even though I received a few meager coins for the singeing I took, I will take great delight in wasting those coins on ale.


I grant you, the location is quite grand with convenient access to the market, but come now, the smell alone should make you reconsider this as a housing option.


Gadzooks! What’s going on in there?! This spectral light without a noticeable source is blinding!

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