On a trip to the Brittany region, I stopped at the market after hearing they were selling the fabulous fixings for a steak sandwich. There was a slight communication gap and turns out I was attending an auction. The idea of auctioning a sandwich felt quite foreign, but I did my best to adapt to the customs of the day and took a seat to watch the proceedings. I busied myself with the activity of counting my coins and judging the personal value of a good sandwich.

To my excitement, the sandwiches were on parade and I had a chance to inspect the merchandise before making a purchase. This was quite new and revolutionary. The market was light on other attendees, so I felt my chances were above average at securing a good bargain.

After some time, and without a formal process of sale taking place, it appeared I had arrived on the incorrect day. Either the market wasn’t open, or the sale was over. Either way, to my regret and dining displeasure, I was going home empty handed.


Well! Hello lunch!


I’ve made my decision, I’ll take the lunch special on the right. Now, if the auctioneer would just make an appearance we could get things underway and lunch will be on the table shortly.


With the disappointment of the auction, I went to the local public house to engage in some fun and games.

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