Good Evening! The End is Nigh! Time to get a good seat and watch the events unfold.

It’s been a three year build up to this moment. And while this is far from a final release, it does make the world permanent. That means all my immersion breaking decorations won’t be scraped off and thrown in the bank every three months, which causes me great sadness, rest assured.

And the jubilation shall be marked with many a festival. The countdown will be marked by a 12-hour telethon full of conversation, libations and many bouts of interpretive dance. My eyes shall be closed for the dance portion, especially if a rousing rendition of the belly dance should be on offer. There are some things that cannot be unseen. If someone wants to get on the hornpipe and break into polka, then you shall have my undivided attention.

Since this is indeed a celebration there will be a myriad of prizes on offer. In addition, I hear tell new items will mysteriously appear in the store. The beggar woman tells me an aeronaut helmet might be on offer and we all know how fond I am of both aeronautics and hats. There is also rumor of the Kobolds putting up some of their items for sale.

Further there is the much anticipated and giddy inducing Wheel of Doom. Throughout the day, but for a limited time, certain items will be offered up at a handsome discount. The market handbill hints that perhaps Lot Deeds, Balloons and Airships as well as Statuary could be on offer. There might even be some festive clothing bundles. And we all know I am a fashion maven, out to discover my next stunning look.

The countdown has begun. Soon, the Oracle will cleanse my lawn for the last time and then I shall be free to progress and decorate in any manner I see fit. Our Creators will soon be taking the stage to mingle amongst us to answer our burning questions about life, the universe and everything. Or at least those are the questions I plan to pose to them.

Come my friends, let us celebrate this momentous occasion by trashing the joint and setting the outhouse ablaze!

Summer Telethon
Release 32 Instructions (including new crafted and addon store items)
Property Tax Rate (oh, the humanity!)

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