The only good thing about the current Land Rush is Owl’s Head has been able to maintain an air of dignity with respectable shops and a rather pristine landscape. But alas, that time has come to an end. While the majority of us have been out trying to better ourselves by becoming more skillful and helping the less fortunate of the realm, the wastrel carpetbaggers have moved in and housing lots are riddled with garbage and detritus. You can’t walk ten feet without running into someone’s useless box of junk on the lawn or seeing some shady vendor trying to sell crap they stole from another vendor.

Admittedly, some owners have taken pride in their new home choice and have made a tidy presentation of themselves. Sadly, far too many plots seem to have been snatched up by less than noble guilds who set up third-rate trading posts trying to snatch outrageous prices from people who don’t know better.

The problem extends to the public vendors who are forced to sell useless junk barely worthy to be called scrap metal. Why some vagabonds feel it appropriate to sell off a gaggle of rusty swords to unsuspecting new visitors to the realm is beyond me. I caution you good citizens, think three times before making a purchase off that public vendor. Much of what you see is rubbish and can be had with a five minute foray into the forest. Even using nothing but an empty mug of ale to defend yourself, you can do better on your own. Encourage not these purveyors of ineptitude!

This land rush will be over soon and visits to the Owl’s Head slums will be few and far between.

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