I want to state, it’s not my intention to air grievances on a regular basis, there are far too many grand adventures to have, but there are some behaviors I find quite distasteful, and rather than say something on the forum and get banned, I will spew vitriol within my own walls where no harm can come to me.

I made the mistake of reading the forums and read a post I find most shameful. I was actually posting that the Aeronaut helmet price and description need correcting since they don’t match. What I found were low-brow peasants charging real money to rent property they just claimed. In principle, I have no issue with this, it’s your property or town, do as you wish, it has no influence or bearing on me. However, I found this act to be less than honorable and a long term detriment to the game itself.

A large lot in a good location had been claimed and the owner put out the offer that you can rent it for real money. You don’t get the lot, you get to rent it. So, during this land rush, this person didn’t grab a lot and say to themselves, “This is excellent, this is a good lot that will serve me well for the several years I live on it.” No, they took it with the deliberate intent of screwing someone else out of it. This is the behavior of a petulant child in the sandbox. “I’m going to take the motorcycle so you can’t have it, but then I’ll offer to trade it back to you.”

Alas, it’s not just one lot or even one size of lot. The plan is to do this all the way down to row lots and I’m sure others will jump on this terrible bandwagon. I can take a guess as to the guild putting this sort of plan into action.

I find the land rush to be bunk in the first place and this sort of uncouth behavior just makes it worse.

You sir, are no Prince. You are not even a gentleman.

You can look up the R32 Land Rush status and follow some of the links if you want to know more.

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One Response to The shame that has become the land rush

  • Alley says:

    That particular case was not the guild you might guess, though I do believe they have plans to rent lots. …and that particular non-Prince tried this even before persistence, claiming the castle lot in Ardoris and trying to rent it for the rest of that wipe, as I recall.

    Yeah. You don’t have a right to “recoup” money you gave to help finance the game. If the game was not worth that money to you, you shouldn’t have given it.

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