Since falling head first through the Lunar Rift and smashing that pumpkin patch, I have been trying to help out the citizens of the realm. While on the island of the Hidden Vale, I managed to help Morton with his Ledger, checked on Myron in the Clink – who refused my help, got that poor chap Winslow in the guard house back on his feet by fetching some healing herbs, brought some peace to Bodan in Braemar and took care of that nasty wolf problem he was talking about and even pointed Kelly of Owl’s Nest in a new direction and perhaps she will leave that rapscallion band of Red Sash Bandits. Being the only maiden in those caves, I fear for her propriety.

With those victories under my belt, I felt it best to bring some comfort to the refugees in Soltown. The guard clued me in to their plight and so far, I have done a bit of all right. Since they left Solace Bridge in such haste, I began my searches within those ruins.

I got Fighting Raymond his blasted hammer back, without much thanks I confess. I had to search all over that burned out wreck of building before finding it. It couldn’t be next to the anvil, oh no, that would have been too easy. It has to be on the opposite side doesn’t it! I managed to find Quincy’s belongings safely tucked away in a chest at the foot of his bed. At least, I assume it was his bed. There was no one to ask about such matters. I found a Suspicious Character lurking about the Soltown cemetery and when questioned on his doings, I was summarily ignored. His rifling over the grave stones gave me pause and since Jeanne was looking for a lost necklace, he seemed like a prime candidate for the misdeed. Geof is now all set up with his Iron Blade, although if he plans to use it to fight evil, he will in fact have to leave the town at some point.

In Soltown itself, I listened to the tavern banter and offered my services to Bentley and brought back a mysterious key from his less than savory domicile in the swamp of the East Perennial Trail. I think that chap is up to a bit of no good to be honest.

One soul beyond saving was Japeth. When I found him out in the back alley getting sick all over the side of the tavern, he told me his sad story of unrequited love. I volunteered to take his poem to his intended, but in the end it was not a success. However, I don’t get the sense Emily is the right lass for him as she has definite airs above her station. She can talk all she wants about her grand vision of the future while she swings that broom.

I even helped Ashton retrieve his long lost recipe book, but after sneaking a peek at the contents, I regret my decision. I think his relations may have changed on him.


Is there a particular reason we are meeting out here on these rocks away from town? Did I interrupt you in mid fish?
Wait a moment, are you doing naughty things to the water supply?


Good heavens, Japeth! This will never do my friend. This is not the sweet song of seduction in anyone’s book.


Oh my dear fellow, you may not have seen any dangerous animals, but they certainly saw you.
Oh well, back to the task at hand. I’m sure there’s an Iron Blade out here somewhere.

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