Faced with the impending financial downturn and hard times, I believe there are things that can be done to improve living conditions. While some may disagree, I believe pockets of gold or loot should be available everywhere. This would include small drops of gold inside thug camps, in crates, in barrels, in the sewers, in tents, behind rocks, on the edges of the creek, in tombs, in caves and even lying on the ground. It would be a small sum each time, just a few coins, but if you were able to string a hundred of those together as you loot an area, not only would you make several hundred coins, you would be exploring, which is always a good thing. And we all know those bandit camps have a lot more gold in them than we have so far been led to believe.

Additionally, there should be more “jobs” available for the employment challenged Avatar. For example, a merchant can have a list of orders they need fulfilled. Perhaps the vendor needs 30 cotton, or 250 hides, or 1500 scrap metal/wood and will pay a guaranteed price to get them. This would be different for each town and both the item and the price would change daily. The merchant in Soltown might need 500 hides today, 1500 metal scrap tomorrow, 200 mandrake the day after that. But once you lock in the order, you are guaranteeing the product and will deliver the goods when available. And since you are the chosen the producer of the item the reward would be slightly higher.

The same would be true for a farmer’s market. We have plenty of vendors stalls, so they should be able to pay handsomely for a particular harvest. Today, apples are in demand, tomorrow it may be garlic, and pumpkins after that.

We currently have the mail delivery system, which of course needs to be expanded with all the new towns, but it should be possible to move more than just mail around this realm. A cloth merchant in Ardoris is willing to pay to have good shipped to Aerie. If your encumbrance is 300 pounds, you could transport that amount, and perhaps a touch more, over to Aerie and be payed for the delivery. The more encumbrance you have, the more you can carry in a single trip and the more you make. The merchant will pay by the pound, in blocks of 25 or 50, and all you have to do is hobble your way on over. There is no reason we can’t be a merchant caravan and bring goods and smiles to people all over the realm. If we wanted to get really fancy, the price of delivery would be more based on the distance traveled, so that 500 pounds from Owl’s Head to Aerie is worth more than 500 pounds going from Owl’s Head to Kingsport.

Now, nobody wants a shoddy bow, that’s been proven time and time again. However, that bow can be broken down into some usable parts. Perhaps the merchant isn’t too keen to take all that junk off your hands, but is interested in taking in 1500 scrap metal and wood. Maybe he’s willing to pay more for scrap metal than pollute his store with hundreds of bows that will never sell. Seems reasonable to me.

Perhaps in the more well to do areas, there could be some NPC merchants looking for high dollar items. Is there a new resident to town that wants a piano, a set of gothic tables and chairs, or a grand 4 poster bed? Nothing wrong with an Avatar taking on that commission and making that furniture. There should still be a way for high level crafters to sell their goods even when the Avatars aren’t buying.

Avatars need jobs to keep them out of the streets and competing for coins from the professional beggars.

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