While out causing harm to the wolf and bear populations, my highly tuned senses detected a strange whirring and rustling in the trees. It was a foreign sound that had me on edge. As I crouched behind a nightshade plant for cover, the sound grew louder. It was heading right for me. Feeling both nervous and suspicious, I readied my trusty sword and began to form a battle strategy. As my mind came up blank, I went with old reliable, set the ground on fire, ignite my weapon, cast root at the first thing that moves and lunge at it. If it bites back, strike it again.

I was about hurl my designs in motion when a wondrous thing came gliding along. It took my breath away. It startled my senses. It was a tiny airship that hovered in the air, seemingly looking at me, trying to decide if I was going to set it on fire and lunge at it.

I sensed it’s trepidation and offered, "Now, unless you have an arsenal of tiny cannon fire tucked away in there, I believe we can be friends."

The tiny airship spun in circles which I took to be a gesture of friendship and confirmation it didn’t harbor hostile intentions toward me. As I had never encountered an airship like this before, I was merely guessing at it’s peaceful intent. For all I knew, this could have been it’s war dance and was in the midst of summing a flotilla of combatants to aid it in my total and complete destruction.

And though I waited, nothing sinister happened. As a peace offering and to gain it’s trust, I offered the wayward ship a piece of cheese. Not knowing precisely where it should go, I merely placed a hunk on the main deck and figured that would suffice. When no cannon fire ensued, I knew there would be peace between our people and we could be friends.

"Well, tiny airship, I’m not quite sure where you came from or what you’re doing out here, but these woods are not safe for such a tiny craft as yourself. Would you be interested in my clearing a path out of these woods and you can take up residence in the safety of The Hollow?" I asked of the little ship with perfect confidence it could understand me. I don’t necessarily speak airship, but we were getting along fine so far.

Again, I took no cannon fire or a swarm of other airships as acceptance of my offer and leading the way, I guided the little fellow out of the forest and back to town. It wasn’t a long journey, but it gave me time to regale the craft with tales of my adventures up to this point and why I would make a splendid, non-wind driven companion to it.

When we got back to Stinging Tree, I showed the airship my home, the crafting pavilion, my hot air balloon, wind power generators and the pond which all of it overlooked. It got quite excited over my hot air balloon and I said I would make introductions shortly. I wonder if they’re related?


Well, hello tiny airship, fancy meeting you here


You will be safe here my little friend. No harm shall come to you in Stinging Tree


Oh No! The humanity! I was just trying to give the little fellow an updraft!

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