As we prepare for the annual Samhain festival, an abundance of items are scheduled to be on offer in the AddOn store. And while I am keen to see the Haunted House, and revel in the idea of being able to puke blood and look forward to the idea of more pumpkins and statues of the Reaper, I feel something has been overlooked.

Why is there no large bat on offer? I believe a giant bat with glowing red eyes would make a festive pet to follow me about town. Would certainly strike more fear than that sissy phoenix I’ve seen lumbering around.

The same is true for a spider? I see there is a spider cloak and we have spider decorations, but why not a real spider that can walk the streets and give ol’ Halmar a shock he won’t soon forget? Sure, I could go out and try to tame one, but that comes with the high risk of envenomation and death. My idea is far easier.

If we are going to go with new masks, perhaps a Fly mask? I think having a giant bug-eyed fly head to walk around with would make for an attention getting good time. I could even make a festive buzzing sound when I walked.

And when it comes to cloaks, there can be only one. There is legend of a pale, sinister figure that lurks in the shadows of his castle in the high mountains of a mythical land called Transylvania. He had quite a fetching cloak with elegant trim and lining. I want one of those. I want to don such a cape and make dashing movements wherein my face gets covered as the folds of cloak flow elegantly around me while I make my exit from a room. It would look extremely dashing and debonaire.

Now if I could have such a cape, with a bat trailing behind me and a fly for a head, well, indeed it would be quite a night.

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