As my quest continues, I found myself at the hall, or rather, the library of the Goblin King. My goal was to speak with the king and work on a peace accord and exchange knowledge. Interestingly the king is holed up within an abandoned library. I wasn’t aware goblins were able to read.

I had to gain entry through brute force, up to and including leaving bodies on the front door step. But once inside, the goblins were quite welcoming. I was even able to exchange a book I brought with me for safe passage. Hopefully they won’t open the door and see my misdeeds.

As I roamed the halls looking for the king, I came across several goblins in need of assistance. One poor fellow lost his book within the stacks and wished for me to engage in the search. Not a problem my little friend, I can reach the top shelf for you. Another poor chap asked if I would clear out the deer that ransacked his shop. Wait a moment, deer that ransacked your shop? There are renegade deer inside the library? How the deuce did they get in here in the first place? And they’re deer, just throw some grain at them or shoo them along with a big stick. This doesn’t sound like the job of a Lightbringer with designs on saving the realm.

But as misfortune would have it, these were not ordinary deer. They were corrupted just like those miscreant rabbits that sent me head first into the cabbage patch back in Radiance. But this time, I came with reinforcements. I have another companion in the form of Corra, sister of Corren. She brings with her the power of magic and cleansing power of the fire ring. She also has a couple of explosions tucked away in the folds of her cloak.

With the three of us working in concert, we were able to dispatch the deer, but managed to pick up a healthy dose of poison for the effort. I had the healing power of grilled carrots on my side, so I was able to brush off the infection. It was touch and go for Corren though. He’s not as stalwart as myself.

Oddly, the little goblin wanted the skins of the tainted beasts. Not that I planned to make boots out of the skins, but why make me dress the fetid beasts? That is terribly vulgar work and I don’t want the mess all over my hands.

The little devil said he would make it worth my while, so I did the nasty deed and brought them back. It was with great glee that he declared his kindred brothers would now have new material for their undergarments. Oh you dirty goblin devil, why do you have to say such things? Corrupted deer hide underthings? That is not knowledge that will improve my life and mental well being!

For my reward, I was able to extract multiple Tainted Embers. I believe these will be of value when I get back to the temple. I also pinched multiple stashes of gold coin while their backs were turned. That gold was lying on the ground, so I took it as fair game.


I say we ask these nice goblins where the hall of the Goblin King is located. They look like nice chaps and will surely point us in the right direction.


Ok, so asking the goblins for directions was a mistake. I see that now. But we’re all still alive so you can stop looking at me in such a fashion. Now, we should probably stash the bodies before we ring the bell and ask for admittance.


Greetings great goblin warriors! Take me to your leader!


I sense trouble ahead. And it appears to take the form of a corrupted stag.


Ick! Gross! Foul! I have corrupted stag all over me!

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