As I worked my way through the maze of the massive library, I discovered many strange things. I had unwittingly agreed to dispatch the corrupted stags, which was a success, all except for getting poisoned and having to spend an excruciating morning on the latrine bucket. I had also agreed to find some glowing trinket for one of the goblins who claims to have left it on the top shelf. I even comes across a group of goblins playing the Djembe while another danced the forbidden dance. It was hard to look at, but equally hard to look away.

But the main quest was to find the Goblin King, and after navigating a myriad of bookshelves, stepping over skeletons, and brushing live chickens out of my path, I was in his presence. He sat atop his grand thrown and unlike his followers, he was quite articulate. My goal was to request a mystical book that would open an equally mystical portal. However, as is the case with such exchanges, the King wasn’t simply going to hand over the book and let me go about my business. Bartering ensued.

It seems the King feels there is a plot to overthrow him. There are two clans within the library and one may harbor some resentment. While the goblins may be good at war and bellydance, some are not so good at keeping secrets and hiding their secret plans. While talking with one of the conveniently located merchants I spied a scroll with a dubious title. The secret document outlinging his overthrow was sitting on a crate and when the merchant turned his back, I swiped it. And a lonely wheel of cheese may have fallen into my satchel. And an unclaimed gem. And a stash of coins.

Now all I have to do is take the incriminating document back to the Goblin King, let him dole out some harsh justice and retribution, grab my mystical book about mystical portals and leg it back to Radiance and continue on the path of fighting the forces of darkness. I see no problem with this plan and can’t see how anything could go wrong.


Ah, the forbidden dance of the angry belly. I read about this in one of the goblin books I stole, or rather, checked out and then put back where I found it


I wonder if this is the blue flame the goblin was talking about where he left his trinket? Alright Coren, give me a boost up and let’s see what we have


Oh mighty Goblin King, I seek an audience with your Great Greenness. Are you using those piles of gold and gems I see on the floor?
And might I inquire why there are so many skeletons strewn about the hall? I can’t help but feel something sinister may have taken place in here.

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