Well, I believe I will have to let Hamish off the hook. I was not led on some folly, the lad Moros really was chasing the dragon and ultimately found it. But it ended in tragedy. He was the victim of a terrible hoax and had been lured to the den of iniquity where he was devoured by a foul Minotaur.

It took great pride in perpetuating it’s elaborate hoax, luring people out of the farmlans so it could feed upon them. Well, seeing as how I’m a Lightbringer and I carry an enormous sword, I felt compelled to do something about the situation and that of course meant shiv to the kidney.

The Minotaur was a formidable foe, but using the power of triangulation, and a few energy potions I stole from the apothecary, we were victorious. It was took late to help Moros, but this should put and end to these dragon chasing days.

With that matter settled, I was bound for The Salty Keg, where I might meet up with the Thieves Guild and get some background on black market organ donations. I was thwarted to gain entry to the main den as I needed a password. Undaunted, I used my powers of conversation to elicit a response from the other patrons.

I met two young ladies from a dance troupe called, Ladies of the Evening. Alas, they both claimed to be too sore from their previous dance rehearsals to give me the proper attention they felt I needed. Well, a full dance card, I understand, some of those dances are quite brisk and can leave you with a need to recover.

Moving on, it was ultimately the barkeep that dropped the information I sought, and after a short meeting which lead me to another man on the docks, I was soon off to the sewers to meet the ring leader.

While trying to locate my contact, I came across a scout who informed me of an order of cultists lurking within the shadows of the sewer. Why do these nefarious type insist on doing business in the sewers? Why must we always meet in such unsavory and unsanitary conditions? Can’t we conduct business in the tavern like civilized people?

Ironically, I had already spoken to another young lady on my travels through the City of Light, who had been the victim of a terrible crime at the hands of these cultists. Her benefactors had been brutalized and slain during the night. It seems another opportunity presented itself to make matters right and deal out justice.

I found those cultists and punished the guilty, the whole lot of them. There is no need for sewer dwelling secret societies in the City of Light. But the cultists weren’t the only sewer urchins. I came across several other horrors down in those depths. A giant arachnid blocked my egress and threatened to eat my entire party. This was only made worse by the rodents of usual size that were trying to eat the spider. With my new companion, Zannon we unleashed the poison darts and made it to safety.

Of course, escaping with our lives, dispatching the cultists and cleansing the sewers of flesh eating spiders wasn’t good enough for Zarek to give me the information I needed. I have to stoop to larceny and retrieve a crown from the King’s vault? Of course Zarek, let’s just break into the vault of a king. I’m sure there are no guards or traps of any kind in there. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Oh, and did I mention, he’s dead. I don’t mean that as a threat or a sign of hostilities as to my intentions when this matter is settled. Zarek was dead and I was speaking to him through the ethereal plane. And here I thought dead men tell no tales.


Ok, so maybe Hamish was telling the truth. It is entirely possible this will end badly for us.


See! See! This is why we don’t set up a nefarious headquarters in the sewer! Right here! Look at that if you can! It’s both disturbing and disgusting.

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