With my White Ember in tow, I went back to chat with the Necromancer. He turned out to be an untrustworthy miscreant intent on swindling me with designs of taking the White Ember and keeping my heart. Oh no you don’t you dark robe wearing hooligan! Now I’m going to take the heart and keep the ember!

Alas, he proved to be a more formidable opponent than Prince Syrion.

Our first engagement left me running for a healer. Good thing Gertrude was still lingering around in the bog. Although she charged me an arm and a frog for her wares, I once again grabbed some extra Strength, Healing and Energy potions and went to show that Necromancer what I’m made of.

Regrettably, what I’m made of leaked all over the floor as the Necromancer and the Ember Abomination repeatedly smashed me into the ground. Corra and Zannon didn’t quite understand my battle plan and triangulation of fire strategy. There was chaos, confusion and a wee bit of crying which foiled the entire operation.

Regrouping at our makeshift camp to recuperate and have a touch of the many roasted chickens I keep tucked away, I carefully drew out a new battle plan using a stick and the sand of the bog. I made it very clear that we needed to remove both skeletons from the field of battle, then I would move in for the shiving of the Necromancer. From a distance, Corra and Zannon would need to keep shooting and bringing down the immolation on both the Necromancer and the Abomination. If they didn’t keep their haunches underr constant assault, the results would be disastrous.

Then it was into the fray once more wherein the battle plan immediately came apart. The first two skeletons were dealt with as we discussed. However, there was either a miscommunication or an error in targeting as it was I with the smoldering backside, not the Necromancer.

Once I can understand is a mistake brought on the by turmoil and confusion of battle. By the third time, I think Corra was out to do me in with her own designs to steal the heart and ember for herself. She denied the whole thing, claiming I repeatedly got in the line of fire and in order to keep the backside burning, the whole area had to be engulfed in flames and I should have realized there would be collateral damage.

Her explanation seemed dubious at best, but after wearing down the Necromancer by making him chase us around the cavern, we were able to strike the final and decisive blow. Good thing he tripped over that chest and barrel someone left down there. The Necromancer is nowhere near as spry as I.

And what a glorious victory it was! I looted the Necromancer with impunity and beat him once or twice more with his own staff, just to show my displeasure at the way we had been treated this day.

Since the heart was sitting out on a pedestal for all to see, I scooped it up, placed it in a convenient burlap sack and made my way back to Radiance.

Syrma said it was time for the grand ritual. It sounded a wee bit sinister when he said it.

But, I placed my heart on the altar and let Syrma do his magic.


Now remember the battle plan! The whole thing hinges on following my instructions precisely! On my command, make with the stabby stabby!


Well, a glorious victory to be sure, but Corra, I feel compelled to raise an issue with you repeatedly putting me in the ring of fire.


No wonder he was able to get the better of us. He’s sporting the Fingerbone! And make no mistake, I’m taking that pointy hat.


I have to admit, I’m feeling a little nervous about this laying on the altar with my heart business. Are you sure you’re qualified to do this? You sure you don’t want to consult your tome one last time, just to be sure?

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